Journal Entry Of A Subordinate Group Member

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I am a Native American. My Family and I were the first people to ever step foot into America. We migrated to America from Siberia over 11,000 years ago on the Bering Land Bridge during the ice age. We crossed the bridge into what is now called Alaska, and started moving southward toward Mexico and further in search of food. My family and I migrated to all regions of the land and formed many different tribes. The tribes respected the lands and that it offered. The tribes were spread out all a cross America in Places like: Kentucky, Alabama, New York, Michigan and even Canada.Then During the 16th and 17th century the east coast Native Americans met visitors from a place called Europe. The Europeans to us was appealing and fascinating. We were most pleased with the mirrors, novelties, steel knives, and copper kettles, but as time went on it was obvious that the fair skinned Europeans were greedy and curl. With this our people started to hate the Europeans because of the greed, hate and diseases they had brought along with them. These diseases were known as: smallpox, yellow fever, and cholera just to name a few. These diseases severely diminished the population of my people.That’s why over time the Europeans became our enemy. They started taking over our land, the land that we found. They forced us to move further and further west with many promises being made, but none being kept. This caused many fights between the Europeans and us and that is what started the Indian wars, the Indian Removal act of 1830, and the worst massacres ever the Wounded Knee, South Dakota.The Indian Removal Act was authorized by President Andrew Jackson to carry out treaties so they could exchange our land east of the Mississippi river for lands on the west side of the river. As a result of this act over...

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1719 words - 7 pages population in the United States. Works Cited Davis, Jaya, and Jon R. Sorensen. 2013. "Disproportionate Minority Confinement of Juveniles: A National Examination of Black–White Disparity in Placements, 1997-2006." Crime & Delinquency 59, no. 1: 115-139. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost. Gjelsvik A, Dumont DM, Nunn A. 2013. Incarceration of a Household Member and Hispanic Health Disparities: Childhood Exposure and Adult Chronic Disease Risk

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1512 words - 7 pages for giving back to people when a great friend of hers introduced her to it. Her friend, Bea, assured her it would be something she loved and would take great pride in doing it. After seeing what N-2-U was about she soon became an active member of N-2-U. (“Interview with Lynette Nicholas”) Lynette didn’t hold the title of a president or vice president but she loved every moment of it. She loved going out and interacting with the people. They held

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1144 words - 5 pages limitation of this study. As the organization is somewhat atypical in the proportion of women, the demographic difference is not considered and the number of the groups studied was small.BibliographyBryman. A, E.B. (2007) business research methods, 2nd edition, Oxford university press.Chatman.J, . and Oreilly.C, (2004) 'Asymmetric Reaction To Work Group Sex Diversity Among Men And Women', Academy of Managment Journal, vol. 47, no. 2, pp. 193-208.Allen

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Journal Entry Of A Subordinate Group Member

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