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Journal Of Forgotten Things Throughout The Week

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Memory failure or forgetting occurs daily in our lives. Simple things, such as forgetting someone’s name, or forgetting to text someone back is very common every day. Forgetting happens to us so much that we have to rely on different ways to help us remember important things such as keeping a daily planner updated or putting important notes and reminders in our phone.
Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study is to keep track of the different things that I forgot to do throughout a whole week. I will show any factors that I thought were relevant to the forgetting and some judgment about why I thought the forgetting occurred. Then I will compare my forgetting journal with my grandmother to see how age plays a factor in the occurrence of forgetting.
Research Question
Does our everyday memory loss affect how we function? Does age play a role in this as well?
I believe that memory loss affects people in different ways. I believe the older a person gets, the more their functionality is affected by their forgetfulness.

I never really thought of actually doing a forgetting journal, but I knew it would be very interesting to do when I got in the class. Every day I find myself forgetting things. Often they are so simple that I pretty much go nuts because I can’t remember. On the first day, the first thing I forgot was the name of song. It wasn’t just any song; it was one of my favorite songs from the past. It was literally on the tip of my tongue and I couldn’t spit it out. So instead of just leaving it alone, I couldn’t just do anything else until I remember the song. I went as far as calling some of my friends to ask them do they remember me singing a particular song a lot. It was very nerve-wrecking. It took almost 30 minutes for me to remember the song. Although, I felt accomplished, I wondered how and why I could forget one of my favorite songs. Before I had forgotten the name of the song, I probably had done listened to over 1,000 songs after the last time I heard it. In this case, I believe that retroactive interference had occurred. I had grown to like so many other songs, that I had forgotten one of my favorites. This happened a lot throughout the week. Most of the things I was forgetting were old tasks that were stored in my brain, but I began to learn new tasks...

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