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Arousal Theory:
The Arousal theory is based on the concept of homeostasis, the body’s way of maintaining balance in order to ensure physical survival. An example of hemostasis would be the body shivering in the cold in order to maintain the proper body temperature. In the case of the arousal theory, individuals are motivated to maintain the right amount of arousal. People seek just enough arousal, not too much or too little. The goal is to maintain the proper balance of arousal, and to keep a state of alertness and mental and physical activation. What people want is to be challenged in order for an activity to fun but it also needs to not be too challenging in order for it to not become ...view middle of the document...

An example of this would be a person pushing themselves to finish their homework before they watch the new movie they recently bought. Another example would be of a person choosing to exercise and then going out with friends over simply going out and pushing exercise to the side. Those who are able to resist the impulse to reach for the cookies would be considered to have strong willpower while the person who decides to indulge in the moment would be seen as having weak willpower. What is not taken into account is that no matter how strong people may believe they are peoples’ willpower can be affected other factors.
Things that can affect willpower are glucose deprivation, sleep deprivation and how far you are thinking into the future. In the case of a drug addict they are likelier to be unable to resist taking another dose of drugs because they can only think of the present time; they can only think about how they are feeling and their next high. Whenever I am sleep deprived I find myself much more willing to be sidetracked and more willing to indulge in things I would have be more able to resist such as sweets or wasting time on the internet. Sleep deprivation causes me to feel tired which then leaves me with little to no motivation to work. Without the motivation to work I procrastinate and do not have the willpower to keep doing what I had been doing when my willpower was still strong.

Delayed Gratification:
It easy to remember a time that we forced to wait to get something and had the painful experience of delayed gratification. If one watches the video of the marshmallow experiment one can see the children trying to delay their gratification of eating the marshmallow in order to receive an additional marshmallow. To avoid eating the marshmallow the children attempt to cope with the delayed gratification with four different coping mechanisms: hot cognition, cold cognition, ignoring, and self-distraction. Hot cognition involves actively thinking about the object at the hand while cold cognition involves thinking about anything but the object. Ignoring the object helps the child pretend the object does not exist and self-distraction is when the child tries to distract himself from thinking about the object. Even after childhood these mechanisms continue to be used to help us cope with delayed gratification. I find that the mechanism I use the most of the four is cold cognition. Whenever I have cope with delayed gratification I find that I can cope with it best when I think about something other than I am trying to leave along. In my case the best things to help me accomplish this it to read, listen to music, or talk to someone on the phone. These activated help me to distract me and to pass the time until I finally have the object I had been waiting to obtain. Without these mechanisms coping with delayed gratification would be extremely difficult if not nearly impossible.
Five-Factor Personality Model
The Five-Factor Model is a model...

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