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Journey’s End And Blackadder Both Portray Men Trying To Cope With Realities Of War. Compare And Contrast The Ways In Which This Is Presented In B

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Journey’s End is a play written in 1928, ten years after the war finally ended, it was based on the authors real life experiences and is very serious about the happenings of war. Blackadder however was written in 1989 and has a very sarcastic edge, making the viewer forget that the subject matter of the sitcom was a real event.
It soon becomes apparent to the reader that all of the men, in Journey’s End, are struggling to cope with the war, and that they all have their own way of coping, Trotter, an officer in the company, tries to find ways to make the time pass away quicker, ‘draw a hundred and forty-little circles’ each circle represents one of the hours that they have to spend there, he ...view middle of the document...

This is the complete opposite of Stanhope now as he drinks a lot of whiskey himself. It also suggests that he is not coping with the war at all well and that it has some dramatic effects on him. Osbourne even comments on it to Raleigh telling him that ‘it’s only the stain’. Again Osbourne is giving people reasons for the way Stanhope acts. Perhaps even making excuses for him.
Stanhope could be compared to Ben Elton’s Captain Blackadder as they are both company commanders, yet they take completely different approaches to leading their companies, Stanhope has stood by his company ‘…sticking it, month in, month out’. Whereas Blackadder is ready to abandon his men as soon as hears the next big move is going to be made requesting that Baldrick get him ‘two pencils and a pair of underpants’, pretending to be insane so that he can get back to ‘blighty’ as quickly as possible. His one goal throughout the war is to not be killed and this is one of his many schemes to get himself out of the trenches with no thought of how it will effect his men if he does manage to get back to England.
One of Stanhope’s men, Hibbert has had enough of the war and is trying to go home, claiming he has neuralgia. Like many men in the war, he was trying to go home and be done with the war. Neuralgia is a condition that causes severe pain the side of a person’s face, it is an ideal illness to pretend to have because it was not something that could be obviously seen, since doctors were more concerned with men with major injures they...

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