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Journey's End Is Worthy Of Being Staged Today

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Journey's End is Worthy of Being Staged Today

"Journey's End" by R.C Sherriff is a play which gives a realistic
picture of life in a First World War trench. Performed in 1928 when
the bitter memories of war were still fresh, it

made a profound impact on those who saw it. It was uncompromising and
showed the awful truth to those who had been given the diluted
version. Until then, the harsh reality had been hidden and a brave
front of victory and triumph put on, masking the truth about the
suffering of the soldiers. They had also had a stretch of momentum,
enjoying the victory of the War and a peaceful land, and by 1928 they
were ready to know the truth.

For those who see it today, however, it would not only teach them
about war and how our country came to be through the strength and
spirit of those who fought and gave their lives, but it also provides
the audience with moments of high drama, light hearted humour and deep
poignancy. These are often not found in the commonly staged plays of
today such as "Grease" and "Joseph" whose only meanings are to teach
the youngsters of today that they should dream about love and fame,
things not relevant in such a difficult world. The youngsters of today
too are becoming more and more desensitised by watching violent films
and TV programmes and seeing emotive images of starving children and
eventually they become deadened to such things and they have no
effect. This leads to children of today becoming complacent and less
sympathetic. By watching the perseverance and tragedy of the men in
"Journey's End", it will show them the hardships of those who fought
for us and they will become more compassionate.

The perceptions of war that children today have, are about lots of
fighting and the glory of winning against Germany. This is because
they are the first generation which has no direct experience of the
war, without any fathers and perhaps grandfathers having fought in it,
and have had no tales of bravery or integrity told to them personally.
It is hard for them to picture what went on and to really understand
what it meant to fight in the Great War and so can learn only from
films and TV. By watching "Journey's End" they will gain an authentic
understanding about war without the glorified and often romantic
images some people perceive. They will learn to have humanity to those
who are less fortunate than themselves in the modern world today.

The different personalities and attitudes of the soldiers also
indicate what sort of an effect war had on you as a person. The
characters all have their own ways of dealing with war and the effects
being away had on them as people. Osborne, who still seems unaffected
and compassionate, warns Raleigh not to expect too much from Stanhope:
"You mustn't expect to find him-quite the same…It- it...

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