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Journey's Road Chapter 1: The Decision To Leave Home

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"Anabella Silver! Turn around and look at me!"The young woman in question, just out of childhood, blinked her chestnut eyes rapidly and whipped her small head around to face the older, gray-haired man towering like an ominous dark cloud before her. So busy was she rethinking her actions today, she had not heard the soft thuds or the clunks of boots from the well-dressed gentleman while he had approached her from behind. She peered up hesitantly at the stern ancient face, trying to judge the mood he was in. The man's eyes, dark flints shooting sparks in his anger, narrowed in on her action as if it was another rebellious act. His voice, cold enough to freeze water, bit through the small cheerful facade Anabella, more commonly known as Ana, had attempted to wear and struck her deeply. "I know what you did. How could you have attacked our guests? You are an utter disgrace to our peaceful community and what it believes in!"Ana's eyes swarmed with tears as her father's words echoed and reechoed in her ears. She had never meant to do hurt anyone, but that, young man... had been so cruel to her in the gardens! He had taunted her for being Little Miss Goodie Two Shoes and made crude jokes about the church community. Finally, she had gotten tired of the insults and just spun around to walk away, swallowing her pride and anger reluctantly. She had desperately wanted to whack the lad a few times and make him repent saying those words but knew her father would greatly disapprove her actions. Instead, she contended with curling her small hands into fists. To her utter astonishment, the boy had the gall to pick up the sharp gray stones that lined the edge of the church fountain and throw them at her back. He had awful aim and only one of the rocks actually struck her. However, that one little missile was enough for Ana to lose her temper, spin around, and march back to where he was standing. With her small fists, she struck him twice in the stomach. The lad, several seasons older than her, doubled over in surprise more than pain, and glared at her through his slitted eyes. Hatred and revenge blazed through his eyes as Ana backed away from him slowly and ran off to her favorite hiding spot, behind the altar in the church. The mousemaid shook her head, shaking the scenes of the past from her head. What is done is done and now, she would face the punishment."Child, do you know what you have done? You have ruined the friendship between our guests and us that was forged many seasons before your birth. How are we to survive without trade now? You know the only thing we can make worth trading here...

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