Journey To Aruba Essay

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We were standing in the airport in Aruba, and at that moment I had no idea how we got into that mess. Our clothes were drenched; each one of our faces exhibited emotional distress.
“What are we going to do, guys?” I asked, hoping that someone will respond with a bright idea. But no one did; we all just stood there.


It was the night of prom and everyone was getting in their limos to leave. Normally everyone takes a trip to wildwood for a couple nights after, fortunately, my friends and I had saved up money to travel somewhere exotic. It wasn’t until recently when we decided to go to Aruba.
We all piled up into the limo; it was Will, David, Frank, Brian, Ashley, Agi, Saniyah, Nick, Ashley’s brother, and me. I don’t know why he was coming with us, but I think Ashley’s mom was making her bring him. Anyway, I could tell we were going to have so much because everyone was overjoyed and could not wait until we got to the airport. The whole car ride there we were blasting music and singing. I can’t even remember a time where I was this happy. There was nothing that could bring down my mood.
After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived at the airport. It was such a long line to check in our bags, but our flight was at 10pm and we had some time to spare. By the time we got to security, we were in good shape. I always hated going through security and having to take my shoes off and my belt; it was always a lug. Everyone got through security, except for me. I waited for the signal to walk through, but it never happened. The security guard motioned towards me when talking to another guard. I couldn’t hear anything they were saying, but I assumed it had something to do with my bags. I hadn’t brought anything dangerous, so there was nothing I could think of. My heart was beginning to race, because it had been five minutes and I still had no answers. Everyone else behind me was starting to get annoyed and all my friends had already left without me. One of the guards started to make his way towards me, I couldn’t breathe. Now my heart was about to explode out of my chest. He stood in front of me, and we were face to face.
“I just wanted to let you know, you left your ticket in your bag. Your plane has three famous people on board. And we wanted to inform you that harassment of any kind is prohibited. There will be announcement made at your departure gate.” The man stated.
I replied, “May I ask who the celebrities are?”
“Taylor Swift. Kevin Hart. And Bill Gates. But as I told you before, you are not permitted to go near any of them. Do you understand me?” he intimidated.
I answered him with a bit of excitement in the tone of my voice, “Yes!” He started to walk away, and I knew it was safe to let out a little scream.
I finally walked through security safely, and caught up with everyone else. It was ultimately time to board and we gathered in a single file line to give our boarding passes to the flight attendants. Stepping onto the...

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