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Journeys, Area Of Study Essay

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Final thesisJourneysA journey is the motion of a body through a varying environment.Physical journeys are assumed to be the task of travelling from point a to b, but in all truth b could be c. By that is there ever really an end to a journey or do we only see what we want to see as we are blinded by the truth? Journeys are the result of causality as they are the process of cause and effect. Without cause there can be no effect and without choice there can be no cause. Therefore all our journeys are a result of a choice that was made and the consequences of it are the makings of our journeys. But do all journeys need to be physical or can they be within? Are we in control of our journeys or is fait in charge? Can we compare one journey to another? These questions can only be answered by oneself after all philosophy is not an exact science.Can we have a journey without a destination?Most people have the assumption that journeys always need an end or a final destination. But how do we know this is true, do all journeys end? What about life, life is probably the biggest journey of them all, does the journey of life have an end, is it death, what about life after death? Will we ever know the truth? The fact is we don't know when all our journeys will end all we can do is accept them for what they are.'Death smiles at us all; all we can do is smile back,'This is a line from the movie 'Gladiator', what it is saying is that when it comes time for our journey to end we must take it for what it is. The end of one journey is the start of the next. In that sense there is no end to ones journey, rather an intermission, which links all of our journeys together in one great big journey that is the journey of life.Physical journeys are always associated with travel and holiday, but this is just a simple type of journey. A Physical journey is the motion of a body through a varying environment. This varying environment could be time or our physical surrounding. A physical journey doesn't need to be a movement form a to b it could be the battle against cancer in a hospital bed, which inturn is still the movement from a to b, but rather than measured in distance it is measured in time. Time is just another variable in the journey of life. However time is a funny thing as people always tend to lose track of the time because they are spending to much time in either the past or the future. What is in the past is in the past, no matter how long we look at it; it won't change. Same goes for the future, if you spend too much time looking into the future which we can't see, you miss out on the present.For this reason all we have is the present and if we stop to think about it; it is in the past. So basically we need to enjoy every moment of our life and our journeys at that moment.Journeys are the product of causalities, cause and effect. In our life and in our journeys we are faced with choices which are the cause of our journeys and the way that they turn out. In our...

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