Journeys As Represented In Animal Farm And Then And Now Year 11 English Advanced Essay

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Journeys are a critical transitionary period of the human experience and result in a form of
change for those undertaking the journey. The concept of journeys is seen prominently in
1945 novella ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell and the 1970 poem ‘Then and Now’ by
Oodgeroo Noonuccal. Orwell’s novella reflects the 1917 Russian Revolution and Stalin’s
regime, while Noonuccal’s poem comments on the colonisation of Australia, and its effect
on the Indigenous peoples for generations afterward. Both texts reveal that the destination
of an inner journeys results in a reflection of the past. The two works also comment on
unsuccessful societal journeys that are not beneficial for all involved. Overall, journeys are
an unavoidable part of life, and establish change for those affected.
Reaching the final destination of a journey leads to the comparison of the prior and current
situation, to assess the journey’s value and worth. In the ninth chapter of ‘Animal Farm’ a
reflective mood is generated. The animals all collectively reflect on their cultural memory of
the past, and the state of the farm before the rebellion in comparison to their current
situation. This is seen prominently when Orwell writes ”in those days they had been slaves
and now they were free.” The writer uses juxtaposition with the words ‘slaves’ and ‘free’,
drawing direct contrast between the two, and most importantly signifying the transition the
farm has undergone. This reflective notion is enhanced through the use of prepositions
with the words ‘In those days’, further allowing the audience to grasp the pensive tone of
this section of the text. The high modality language assists to further add to this pensive
tone, ultimately allowing contrast and comparison of the past and present from the
characters and from the reader. Essentially, this contrast and comparison of their journey
results in the understanding of a journey’s importance within the human experience and it’s
result of change. Similarly, Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s poem ‘Then and Now’ approaches
notions of the comparison of the present and past after a journey is undertaken. Through
her memories, the poet reflects back on the past in the lines “I remember the didgeridoo
Calling out to us to dance and play.” The first person perspective allows for the reader to
understand the reminiscence more personally and connect with the composer’s journey on
an emotional level. The sensory imagery the composer utilises enables vivid conceptions
of not only images but of sound as well, allowing the reader to further immerse themselves
into the Indigenous culture of pre-colonised Australia. These lines of the poem...

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