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Journeys Shown Through The Poem Crossing The Red Sea English Assignment

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Physical journeys involve movement from one place to another which can also involve obstacles both emotional, imaginative and physical that must be faced to overcome, the journey itself is also just as important as the destination  These ideas are revealed through Peter Skrynecki’s poems ‘Crossing the red sea’ and ‘The Migrant Hostel’ which were both published in the 1975 suite of poems called the ‘Immigrant Chronicles’ Likewise in the novel ‘Jasper Jones’ by Craig Sylvie, he shows the reader  that Journeys can come with many unexpected events that can speedup our personal growth to becoming more mature. . These texts portray the complex nature of a journey and how they can involve the physical, emotional, spiritual and imaginative side of life.

The journey from one place to another brings with it new obstacles both emotional and physical that must be confronted to overcome. Peter Skrynecki’s highlights the emotional obstacles created by the immigrant’s memories through the poem ‘Crossing the Red Sea’ where the physical journey becomes a catalyst for a deeper, more profound inner journey. Peter Skrynecki’s captures the physical movement of time and place, through dates and physical locations which provide the poem’s context. The metaphor in the opening stanza “themselves a landscape” provides the reader with a visual image of these travellers, the use of colour imagery ‘milk white flesh’ is used to intensify the image of being wiped clean of all their belongings and hope. The use of sibilance in the quote “silence fell from its shackles memories strayed from behind sunken eyes” vividly captures the emotional grief and emptiness of how the memories of the war never leave. Through the use of personification, “All night the kindness of the sea, continued breaking into, walled-up griefs.” the poet reveals how the floodgates of memories ‘they had sworn would never be disclosed.’ opened up which allowed them to break down the barriers that had prevented them from moving forward emotionally.

While crossing the red sea represents a more physical journey, Skrynecki’s poem ‘the migrant hostel’ (1975) depicts a journey in a standstill, which was allowing the immigrants to reflect on the physical and emotional process of the journey and their thoughts on the destination, making them both important. Journeys often involve delayed hardships and can often bring out the dark side of human...

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