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Q. Any journey includes both realities and possibilities
To what extent does your explanation of the film ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ support this idea?
Ones expedition into journey is mostly harbored with the realities and possibilities of his/her own previous experiences in life. The realities in ones journey can be understood as a physical experiences and exposures, while the possibilities can be materialized from inner and imaginative strengths. The film Pan’s Labyrinth directed by Guillermo del Toro, in Spain 1944 (post WWII) shows the protagonist Ofelia being taken on a journey from her home town to a new undiscovered physical world in which she had never seen or had any experiences with before. Ofelia’s previous trauma from the loss of her father and experiences her mother’s maternal problems cause her to also see and ‘discover’ a world of possibility in which she had never imagined; the faun, discovering she was a princess, saving the baby and discovering ‘magic’.
Books represent truth, reality, in contrast they can also represent imagination and creativity. Later into the opening scene, Ofelia is seen clutching her books, symbolizing her thirst and love for imagination. After arriving at the camp, Ofelia sees the ‘fairy’ which she saw previously on her trip; without second thought she drops her books into the muddy ground and decides to chase the fairy. The dropping of the books symbolize her willing-ness to escape her half-felt fantasy in her books for a different reality where she can escape her current into a world of possibility. The wanting of escape was most-likely driven by the loss of her father during the war efforts to protect his country; this trauma...

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