Happiness Is Loving And Appreciating What You Have

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Happiness, or Inner Contentment, is what all human beings are looking for, and this is why all people ask the question. It is the faint star we all strain our eyes and necks to see. This being the case, each individual has a path they choose to walk, hoping to follow their coursing trail up mountains, through valleys, and beyond the Valley of the Shadow of Death, until, inevitably, they reach that "happy place," like Briar Rabbit desperately trying to find the Laughing Place, or Peter Pan and his glorious NeverNeverLand.

I do not relate to you mythological fairy tales on accident, but because this is what "happiness" really is, a myth. A myth that we, as spoiled American citizens, are taught to believe in. Some people, (such as myself throughout my teenage years, and upwards till 21), cannot find happiness, cannot walk the path that is too strenuous upon our meager muscles. We pant, we trudge, we crawl on bloody knees, then we fall down under an attack of an asthma unknown to other mortals, all because our path is so much more difficult to hike, our card hand is so much more difficult to play, our life so much more painful than the other lives we see around us. So we escape from the misery of our reality with drugs.

We do not really immigrate to NeverNeverLand, but only temporarily escape the Auschwitz that is our lives, high on a diaphanous pink cloud that will inevitably dissipate and cast us downwards downwards downwards into the ovens. We escape ourselves, but only for a moment, and only in a peripheral way. We are still we, and since we are what we run from, we will never escape. The hatred inside is faster, the sadness smarter, the self-loathing possesses more guile, and better transportation. (it having a Mercedes Benz, we a Volkswagen Jetta). We never win the race of happiness, because Ourself always waits for us at the finish line.

This is why I quit drugs and alcohol: Because I was still unhappy. I wanted to die, but, afraid of death, I medicated myself, and eventually, the efficacy of drugs wore off and I was left alone, angry, bitter, suicidal, and without an effective method of escaping myself.

What to do? Where to go? Why can't I feel this thing called happiness, without immediately feeling guilty, or filled with shame, or angry that it isn't as grand as I expected it to be, or, to put it another way, why was my happiness not real? Why oh why me?

I found, in my life, drugs, (and indeed all methods of escape, useless). Every joint I smoked made the next one less efficient. Every line I cut made my starting point lower. It was a vicious cycle, and one which only spirals


Other people, (my distant family, for example), allay their sadness and fear, (the antithesis of happiness), with religion and God, and therein lies their {happiness}. I, myself, believe as Nietzsche does, that "Religious beliefs, far from forming a true picture of some higher world, are self-deceptions that feed on...

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