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In the book Outliers, and in the articles, “Meaningful Work”, “Do, Just, Do: A Journey to Meaningful, Satisfying work”, and “ You Wont Find Meaningful work Looking Outside Yourself”, The authors Malcolm Gladwell, Michael F. Steger, Lori Deschene, and Keven wood describe what the joy of meaningful is to them.Life is what you make of it and it’s and up to you to decide what you will get out of it. Some people may work eight hour shifts Monday through Friday miserable, exhausted, depressed, unhappy, and under a lot of pressure and stress from their jobs. Others may do the same, similar, or different jobs being comfortable, happy with life, and pleased with their job position. Your job should be one of the most important things to you because you are there on average forty hours a week and most of your time is spent there. It should be important that you enjoy what you do because it is practically your second home. Meaningful work is a job you enjoy doing, are compassionate about, never tired of, and do for the fulfillment of yourself , it is important to success because if one enjoys what they do opportunities in their career path will only expand.
In the book “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell talks about meaningful work and relates it to higher pay he says, “If I offered you a choice being an architect for 75,000 a year or working in a toll booth for 100,000 a year which would you take”(150)? He asks this question to show the importance of working a job that is meaningful and makes one happy. $100,000 a year a year working a toll booth sounds good, but for how long? Nothing makes this job meaningful; your eight hour shift consists of sitting in a booth taking and handing people money. Your job becomes meaningless because there is nothing that interests you, nothing you can be compassionate about, or no fulfillment. Most people would prefer to make $75,000 a year being an architect, because their schedule would be busy. This job would be meaningful because one would be entitled to many tasks and responsibility. Gladwell’s opinion of meaningful work is accurate; it's not about how much money you will make it’s about a career you enjoy and fulfills all your needs, also giving you the privilege to grow with the company.
Michael F. Steger believes, “People work for many reasons- some are obvious, some are not as obvious” (Meaningful work). Some people may work for a paycheck and others may work because it’s what makes them happy.In Steger opinion , “Meaningful work comes from the individual or organization, some people bring a sense of meaning and mission with them to the work place, and some organizations excel at creating meaningful work places where every employee becomes part of creating success, cohesiveness, and culture at a workplace” (Meaningful Work). I agree with Steger I believe meaningful work can come from within or from the workplace, For example, I am an employee of Starbucks Coffee shop, and I love my job. Every day before I clock in at...

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