Joyful Harmony In Music Essay

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Music has been important for human civilization for hundreds of years. People have used music to benefit themselves in many positive ways. As a result, it has helped to transcend language barriers between different cultures. It has given people a more common understanding of each other. Music communicates to just about everybody in some way. As someone who has listened to many various forms of music, I believe that I understand why music should be a part of everybody’s life: music works well as a bonding tool to make new friends, it stimulates the creative process in people, and is the perfect way to help lower stress in people’s lives.
The first reason that music should be a part of everyone’s life is that it works well as a bonding tool to make new friends. From the times that people gathered in music halls listening to a performance from Beethoven. To current times where people logon to YouTube, to listen to live music on their computers sharing their opinions with each other. Music has always been around to facilitate people helping them forge that social barrier that usually a dividing gap. Music that is shared acts as a bridge to bring people together as one allowing for more social communal ties, bringing down social and racial barriers that normally divide. I come from a generation that helped to bring to the mainstream rap music. Personally I don’t very care for that type of music. However, I believe that it has helped greatly in uniting the three races of Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics with a common understanding from listening to the same type of music. A couple of years ago I worked in a casual office with ten or so other people. Most of the others working there were White but a few of were African American. The different races did not always have a mutual understanding of one another. However, when the radio was turned on to hip-hop or rap songs suddenly everybody had that common understanding and we would all get along singing and sharing stories about the music.
Music helps people to better connect with each other when they would normal not have a unifying connection. A major focal point of any type of gathering or party is usually the music that is played. My first question when invited to a party on the weekend is who the disc jockey will be and what type of music they will be playing. If the music is not going to be consistent or any good then I will have no interest in going to the event. The music that is played helps to set the mood for the entire group assembled. I can only remember a few things from my first concert as a young child of thirteen. I remember that it was loud and that there were a lot of people at the event. More importantly, I remember the friend that I made from going to the concert. At the time there was a kid that I knew in an informal way who asked me if I wanted to go with him to the concert. Having never been to a music concert before I agreed. The trip to get to the arena was a fun adventure in...

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