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Jr Capstone Essay

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World wide 60-90% of school children and nearly 100% adults have dental cavities, and the incidence of oral cancer ranges from one to 10 cases per 100,000 people in most countries. There are diseases throughout your whole local dental office, such as Tuberculosis, Pathogens and Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that are emerging. Emerging diseases are diseases that have appeared in a population for the first time or have existed before but are rapidly increasing. Diseases will always be around whether you know it or not, thats why dental offices have a huge responsibility to make sure and keep their patients healthy. It is important to know the type of diseases that ...view middle of the document...

4).. Just like hospitals, ambulances and long term care places there is the probability of you getting infected with pathogens when saliva or blood is left and not sanitized or sterilized, That’s how emerging diseases can get transmitted. Emerging diseases can be everywhere throughout a dental office. Wisconsin department of health services says you could also make up basic measures to prevent the spread of tuberculosis, one example would be “Establish policies that minimize or eliminate the presence of suspected or known Tuberculosis cases in local public health agency facilities”(1). Establishing policies in a dental office or anywhere will always be followed and especially when its against the spread of a bacterial infection, if you follow policies the result you were looking for will pay up. All in all the spread of tuberculosis is not the easiest to spot or see but can be prevented in the dental office.
Good dental practices can prevent the spread of pathogens.The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons argues that “the spread of diseases is not easy to contain but there are ways dental practices prevent the spread of diseases” (1). Employers are usually the ones in charge of making sure their staff and members receive their vaccinations and other medical necessities to prevent them from exposures to bloodborne pathogens. Since the dentists team has a high probability of getting infected with any disease out there it is important for him or her to make sure their team has all the vaccinations to prevent them from being contaminated with any diseases because a lot of times you can not tell if a patient is contaminated with or is carrying a disease. “Every medical office and facility should have an occupational health plan for the prevention and treatment of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.”HCP’s also have the duty to protect themselves and their patients to keep them safe as well. Being sanitized is one way to reduce the spread of diseases. There are still ways to prevent the spreading of this infectious diseases, for example the Centers for disease control and prevention tells us having good hand hygiene can stop the spread of diseases and illnesses as well as covering your mouth whenever you sneeze or cough(1). We touch several things throughout the day and most of the time we forget half the things we touched and bringing home diseases is not something anyone would want to do. Thats why it is important for us to have good hand hygiene. Another way would be by being sanitized with your things or any type of equipment you may borrow or lend. Do not touch others cuts or bandages and always dry your clothes or any other laundry item in a dryer instead of leaving it exposed in the air. Personal protective equipment being a transmission of disease. The transmission of diseases in the dental office are always possible and are at a high percentage as well. The use of personal protective equipment should be a huge help on the prevention of the...

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