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Many people worship the value of a sparkling pearl, but I however, despise it. How one small object can determine the fate of man, I do not know. Nevertheless, it is clear to me that this pearl has brought evil upon my family and I will have no more of it. A while back, Kino discovered a valuable pearl and thought it had signified the end of our troubles. Sadly, his prediction was overcome by evil and we are now living lives even worse than before. I must convince Kino to go home and dispose of the pearl because it has negatively changed his personality, and has put our family in grave danger.
“Kino, look at what the pearl has done to us! Don’t you think it’s time to give up?” I asked, as I held Coyotito softly in my arms.
“I am a man,” Kino replied in an exhausted tone. “I shall never give up.”
I pushed further, eager to leave the cave and get rid of the pearl, “But look at what has become of you! You have now become a man of selfishness and greed. This evil pearl has completely changed your personality!”
Kino grunted in response, “I am not acting with greed. I am simply searching for a better life.”
“Kino, you have defied the pearl buyers and passed up 1,500 dollars!” I sighed as I pictured the large bundle of money we could have gained. “We would have prospered with all of that cash, but the pearl has filled you with greed. Only a greedy man would reject such a large amount of money. The pearl caused that greed and should therefore be thrown away.
Kino looked from me to the baby, “I was being cheated. I knew I could sell it for more money.”
“Well how do you explain your behavior the morning I tried to throw away the pearl?” I asked, remembering the sharp pain of his clenched fist making contact with my jaw. “You had become so wrapped up in the pearl’s worth, that you were willing to hurt me, your own wife, in order to protect it! Greed surely played a role in this, as no right-minded man would ever assault his wife for the fun of it.”
Kino spoke softly, unable to meet my gaze, “I am a man. I must never show weakness.”
I didn’t believe Kino’s excuses, and I am pretty sure he didn’t either. “You killed a man,” I retorted.
“He attacked me! I was only trying to protect myself, “ Kino uttered with...

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