Judaism's View On Abortion Essay

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Judaism's View on Abortion

There are many different views on abortion and rabbis have given their
opinions over the centuries. The Bible asserts that G-d created all
things, but the issue of abortion depends on when life begins in the

Read Exodus 21 verses 22 - 23. What does this passage tell us about
the mother's life and the unborn child's rights?

The passage states that when a mother has a miscarriage due to someone
fighting then the offender has to pay a fine, but if the woman is
injured then it's life for life. The mother's life is valuable as the
Jewish tradition passes through her.

Judaism has very few legal bars to abortion; however, there are moral
issues to be discussed

· Abortion can never be a substitute for birth control.

· Abortion is appropriate when the pregnancy would harm the mother's
mental or physical health.

· The mother should be the primary person to decide if pregnancy
should continue,

· The foetus is well developed at 15 to 17 weeks and its rights are

The mother is considered important in questions of abortion, why?

The mother is important as the Jewish tradition passes through her and
her children won't be Jewish if she isn't as well.

What is the Jewish view on artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination is allowed as long as the donor is the
husband. If the donor is anyone else then it is considered the same as

What is the Jewish teaching regarding transplants and medical

Organ transplants are allowed as long as the probability of the
patient's life is much greater than the risk of the donor. Medical
experiments are allowed when they will benefit the patient, untried or
uncertain cures may be used if safe treatment has failed to stop
certain death. Jews can't volunteer and if there's no serious risk to
the life and health.

Would euthanasia be allowed in Judaism?

No, it's not permitted in Jewish laws.

How do Jewish people view passive euthanasia?

Some, but not all, Jews agree with passive euthanasia.


Genesis chapter 1 verse 27

G-d created Man in His own image and He created male and female so
that the world could be populated.

Genesis chapter 2 verse 18 - 25

A reminder at the end of this section that when a man marries he
should leave his family and...

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