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Judge Essay

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Looks and first impressions are key points for many things in our lifes. Now a days people are deep into fashion and everything is about looking presentable and well. This has made clothing companies compete even more day by day and do everything in their power to attract more people. To bring more people to the bussiness and sell as much as they can they have been using a method of prioritizing and aiming to certain group of poeple to sell to. This has lead companies such as Abercombie & Fitch to be seen as a store with a high profile of racism and discrimination. Aiming to a natural classic amarican style and to hiring only certain type of people has caused them to be sued multiple times. Abercombie & Fitch is a private company and there are steps to follow to make the profits they need. These steps include aiming to hire that classic american style type of people and if that's what it takes for the company to survive then why not do it?. Different stores have different ways to attract costumers and it is a little unfair that there's only problems when a company wants to only hire a certain race. It is sorta discriminating but at the same time is how the bussiness works.
First of all, Abercombie & Fitch has been in bussiness since June 4, 1892. Back then there more caucasian people than any other race in the US. Since they started started they've always hired that same type of people so why be suing now? Now, in the us there is an incredicle amount of people that have migrated from other parts of the world to have a better life. This is not the company's fault. They've had these rules that they have been following since the first day so there's no discrimination. Yes, indeed it is sad that they reject a lot of hispanic, african america and asian people and it appears to be a little racist but it's not. It's just simple company survival rules. The store has always have that Classic America Style look and it has always worked for them and I agree.
On the other hand, the store does violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by only recruiting and hiring poeple that excludes miniority and certain type of women and also by having a restrictive marketing image. According to the constitution the company discriminates and excludes a...

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