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On Wednesday, April 25, 2001, Judge Charles J. Kollar, of North Brunswick Municipal Court, was confronted with a variety of motor vehicle related cases. From reckless driving to driving without a registration and everything in between, some of the cases I listened to are summarized below. In the first case, a woman had stomach pains and her husband was driving her to the drug store. On the way, they were stuck behind a driver going too slowly and followed the driver too closely. They originally pleaded guilty, but this was later retracted and replaced with a guilty plea. They driver's following too closely were charged $100 plus $30 court costs. I think the fine is rather high for a silly offense and the driver going slow and causing this should have also been ticketed. The second case I viewed had multiple fines. The driver pleaded guilty and received a $50 fine for unsafe driving, a $300 fine for driving without insurance, a $30 fine for driving without a license and $60 in court costs. The driver was never convicted of a driving offense before so Judge Kollar admitted to being more lenient with him then he would have been with another driver. In addition to the fines, Kollar suspended the driver's license for one year. I think the fines were fair and the driver got what he deserved, but I think that the license suspension was a lot for a first time offense, however not knowing the circumstances of the unsafe driving, it may not have been a moderate judgment. The third case involved a woman who did not wear her seatbelt and had a licensing charge against her....

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