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Judged On Looks Essay

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Many groups of ethnicity are portrayed in media in either in a bad way or a good way. Hispanics are groups that are mostly portrayed in a negative way in all types of media. Many Hispanics are judged on just what they wear, where they come from, and just because they are Hispanic. In my examples that I have chosen show Hispanics that are judged just because they are Hispanic, Hispanic that is judged because he looks like a Hispanic gangster, Hispanic teens that are judged because where they lived, the stereotype that all Hispanics are immigrants, and my last example shows that not Hispanics are not showed in a negative way in media. Even though I am Hispanic myself I have never been in a ...view middle of the document...

This example shows Hispanics who look like gangsters are consider a threat and shouldn’t be trusted. She judged a guy that she didn’t even know that was simply doing his job. Even Hispanic teens are judged in media.
The movie “Stand and Deliver” shows how Hispanic students in high school are accused of cheating because where they came from and what nationality they were. They were outraged at that the fact that they were the only school being investigated for suspicion of cheating on an AP test. A test that they all studied so hard for. Most were delinquents before they entered this math class taught by a teacher who thought they had a lot of potential. They ended coming to a solution where they took the AP test again. They investigated one out of the many schools that took the AP test just because of who they were and where they came from. In the end they proved their innocence and all passed with a good score. Most Hispanics are also thought of being immigrants even thought they might be citizens.
Hispanics are mostly stereotypically are thought of being immigrants in most media. Some take it as an offense and others see it as a comedy. The movie “Born in East LA” portrays a mid-age guy that is deported because he didn’t have any id on him. He struggled to get his way back to the U.S. He was not given much of a chance to prove his innocence. Most Hispanics...

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