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Judgement An Assessment Of Id The Men In ‘Interlopers’ Really Deserve What Happened To Them In The End

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People are probably the most unpredictable creatures in the world. They're always changing, always adapting. But, if that is the cause, then what is human nature? Is it way of life or the morals that are part of a person's instinct? Is it natural for people to want to help and benefit others, or is it more instinctive to have a selfish look-out on things. So, humans are selfish and they believe in the ‘survival of the fitness’, for this is their nature. But, if this is that natural man’s instinct, can it change? Can a person become so evolved that he can overcome his own instinct? This is what is called a mighty change in heart. These occur in stories almost indefinitely, stories like Interlopers by Saki. A story where both the men, despite changing their hearts, had been killed in the end. The two men in Interlopers deserved their fate because of three things; (1) they had tried to murder each other that night, (2) they had continued the family’s quarrel into the next generation,(3) because they wished to kill each other and they wandered off, in search of each other and got stuck, so no one found out that the feud was settled that night.
The first reason that the men in the story by Saki deserved their fate was because they had been trying to kill each other that night. Ironic, isn’t it? When they had tried so desperately to kill each other, they both got devoured by wolves. But, why were they trying to kill each other? It says in interloper page 272,” A famous lawsuit had wrestled it ( the land they were hunting on) from the illegal possession of a neighboring family,” Ulrich, the head of the family that made the lawsuit, had inherited the family heirloom of hate for the Znaeyms, the neighbors. Because he had this hate and because he felt that that land belonged to his family, he was ready to kill. Znaeym was no different, he wanted revenge for having the land be taken from his family, so he too was ready to murder. But that is only one of the reasons that these men deserved to be devoured.
Another applicable reason for why Ulrich and Znaeym from Interlopers are deserving of their deaths is because they had continued the family’s quarrel into the next generation. But, this is just the way things go apparently. Ulrich and Znaeym both inherited it from their fathers, and their fathers from their grandfathers. It says in Interlopers on page 272, “ Georg Znaeym, the inheritor of the quarrel...”. So, it can...

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