Judging A Book By Its Cover: Similarities In Rawi Hage´S Cockroach And Judy Ruzylo´S Documnetary The Order Of Thing

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Rawi Hage’s novel, Cockroach, is filled with cold, irony, hate, love, homosexuality and violence. Judy Ruzylo’s documentary, “The Order of Things”, presents the testimonies of people who chose to make a gender change in their lives. These changes can affect them in both positive and negative ways. By analyzing Hage’s novel and Ruzylo’s documentary, one can find similarities between some characters. For instance, Farhoud, a friend of Hage’s protagonist, is homosexual. Furthermore, the documentary is based on gender change and sexual orientation of the interviewed men and women. Although Farhoud and the documentary interviewees might feel comfortable in their way-of-being, society will not accept them. People are afraid of change; it’s a human nature to want to remain in the comfort zone. Whenever someone sees an individual being different they will react negatively due to their confusion. Getting excluded of one’s own home and losing loved ones, not being respected and the use of violence, and the loss of identity are three of many consequences that follow the discrimination of these people in today’s public.
Farhoud and most of the interviewed men and women in Hage’s novel and Ruzylo’s film, lost most of their loved ones by choosing to be what they are and what defines them as a person. This indicates that Hage and Ruzylo are trying to explain that the cost of such choices is major; it takes a lot of courage to take a step and change a lifestyle. Through the documentary, Stephanie, one of the transgender interviewees, explains what had happened after her gender change. “Living in a shelter” “I lost my family, my children and my job”. She has lost all of this in order to obtain something even greater to her life; who she really is. Her family clearly showed no respect for her after leaving her to live in a shelter. They wanted to be viewed as “normal” in society; they were afraid to be known as the family of the transgendered man because that fact might affect their own lives at work and school. Meanwhile, Farhoud has shown a lot of audacity throughout his life; he refused to listen to the regime and suffered consequences. During a conversation with the novel’s protagonist, Farhoud mentions the following “and they took us all to jail” (108). This is one of the consequences that had happened to him. Through the conversation, Farhoud said an important word to his friend: “judging” (106). This word reveals many things about Farhoud; he assumes that the friend he was talking to is judging him, because he is used to being treated inadequately by his surroundings. However, this bad criticism comes from men more than it does from woman. “you are probably a confused homophobe, afraid of it but secretly craving it. Like the rest of you men” (106). He is generalizing all men of being homophobes, due to past dismissive experience; he now expects all men to treat him that way. Also, later during the conversation he explains, “I even recognized a couple...

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