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Judging A Book By Its Cover

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“The cover is a book’s first communication to the reader, a graphic representation not simply of its content, but of its point in history.” Ned Drew

This essay will examine book published by Knock Knock, The Convert’s Bible: Everything you need to know about 99 actual religions. First it will give brief introduction to their basic function and form as well as the content. Then it will go on to further analysis of the chosen design solutions such as choice of typeface and cover design. Drawing on the evidence of a previous edition it will be examined why the designer decided to resemble look of the Bible. With reference to the writings of authorities in the field it will be presented how different elements of the book are based on the historical development of printed publications and finally it concludes that the change from previous edition was successful.
The Convert’s Bible(Figure 1) is a compendium of knowledge about religions in the world. It’s not a self help book, but rather humorously presented basic facts about the subject. It’s a soft cover publication with leather look cover. In square shape and size A5. The construction is very basic with glued and stitched banding. It has some unique features like foldout chart quantifying all 99 religions side by side. It consists of few different components. First is an introduction, then main body text with content organized on a grid with one page devoted to each religion. Those pages are divided with 16 sections each every three to ten pages. Then there is conclusion section which instead of summarize the content tries to give tips on how to create new religion. After that reader can check index and also make some notes on eight dedicated pages.
Knock Knock is a young publisher based in popular Venice district in Los Angeles. They specialize in playful designs and apart from the books they also produce unique stationary. Their books can be ordered directly from the website and purchased through official Amazon account, also through distribution canals. Copy of the book purchased for this analysis was from Urban Outfitters shop and the price was 10.95 pounds. Price online for a new book varies from 12.95 Dollars to 28.45 Dollars for previous edition and 40 Dollars for collectible edition. Interesting fact to notice is that up until end of March book was still available on the publisher’s website, where now it’s available only through Amazon which might lead to conclusion that it was not reaching expected selling numbers and will be discontinued.
First impression is that is dedicated to the believers. Also because book is in English it is safe to assume that it’s dedicated to American and European market. Although we cannot exclude other English speaking countries. Reference to Bible also implies to those territories as these are mainly Christian(Knock Knock 2011). As mentioned before, book is not a self help book neither a lexicon. It provides information which was...

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