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Judging People By Their Cars What Does Your Car Say About You?

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Judgmental cars

Have you ever taken a look at someone’s car and thought you could imagine what the driver must be like. Just by examining their vehicle you could tell their gender, race, or maybe even their social standing. I don't mean to alarm you but your car is talking. It is saying a lot about your attitude and your personality. Yes, we are what we drive. There are many various stereotypes relating cars to their drivers. Who would have ever imagined you could be categorized because of an engine sitting on four wheels. Society also puts a lot of significance in what kind of car the media thinks we should possess. You see advertisements in the media all the time trying to make it appear like this car was manufactured strictly to fit you and your lifestyle. In the materialistic world we live in people are often judged by their inanimate possessions, however, the fact still remains that your vehicle can determine a lot about who you are.
Try watching television without being subjected to countless car advertisements trying to lure you into their dealership. Car advertisements are everywhere in the media and decide what car fits your persona. They coerce you into believing you are not whole until you have the car of your dreams. Car manufacturers like Cadillac and Mercedes make people of wealth think they need to spend excessive amounts of money for a luxurious vehicle just to establish themselves and show their wealth. A business executive might buy a Beamer so he appears more successful to his clients, after all cars are the ultimate American status symbol. In the media there are shows like MTV cribs where they frequently show you their exclusive car collections and because of the way these individuals are portrayed as rich and successful, people tend to imitate them by purchasing the same high-priced cars to feel they have more worth or value. Advertisers want you to believe that just by purchasing a luxurious car that you are more sophisticated, if you are driving a luxurious car with big rims than you are successful. However if you drive a beater then you are unsuccessful and therefore less significant. Although most people believe that men make the decision on the car the family buys advertisement agencies have been targeting women because they make sixty five percent of new car purchases compared to men.
The vehicle a person drives can determine their gender due to the fact that cars tend to be gender specific. When someone looks at a car they can usually guess correctly if it is driven by a male or...

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