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Judgment Passed By Jerry Oltion: Salvation And The Modern World

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The 21st century is the age of information and technology and as the human species continues to advance there are growing concerns that the human race is close to its end. Jerry Oltion uses his text Judgment Passed as an allegory for the belief of the Christian salvation and the state of the modern world. In Jerry Oltion’s text planet Earth is depleted, causing humans to send astronauts into space to colonize another planet named Dessica (Oltion). These astronauts are in space for twelve years and when they return to Earth they learn that the end of the world has occurred without them. The astronauts learn through old newspaper articles that Jesus Christ returned to earth and saved everyone. This causes the astronauts to ponder the reason they were not saved like all the people on Earth and the other colonies in space. Throughout Judgment Passed there are metaphors for the Christian belief of what happens after death such as the realm of limbo and then there are the metaphors that are a depiction of today’s world and its possible future such as Jesus Christ representing a hierarchy political figure. Therefore, Judgment Passed is more than a short narrative for entertainment, it is allegory for the Christian belief system and it is a metaphor for the human condition of the modern world.
In Jerry Oltion’s “Judgment Passed” Noah’s ark is mentioned numerous times which assimilates to Oltion’s work as an allegory for the Christian salvation. The character Jody explains to Greger that the astronauts are possibly the next Ark. Jody states “We were all set to start our own colony, after all. We’re the best genetic stock the UN Space Authority could find, and we’ve got more fertilized ova in the freezer. Maybe God decided it would be a good time to clear away the riff- raff and give humanity a fresh start” (Oltion). Jody is assimilating that they have all the tools to recreate life on earth after the rapture and that God choose them like he chose Noah to be sent away on a vessel only to return and start a new era. The ark would be represented by the space shuttle and the time being in the shuttle would assimilate to the time Noah spent on the ark. Furthermore, in the biblical story of Noah the ark landed on the mountain Mount Ararat and it is believed that the Grad Tetons which is the setting for the astronauts return to earth represents is Oltion’s symbolism of the ark’s landing. According to Fred Blumenthal, who wrote the essay Noah’s Ark as Metaphor, “First came the creation of the Adam’s world… a world in which man emerged as being far superior to the animals. The next world is the Noah- world…newly created world for which a promise of unending existence could be given” (Modern Language Assoc.). Blumenthal’s analysis of Noah’s Ark supports Jerry Oltion’s use of Noah’s ark as an allegory for salvation because if God cleaned the previous world by sending his son to save the human race then the astronauts were left on purpose because the previous...

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