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Juhayna Food Industries Egyptian Leading Food Manufacturer

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Juhayna Food Industries is a leading Egypt-based manufacturer specialized particularly in the production, processing and packaging of milk, yoghurt, as well as juice. Egyptian company's factories are composed of 8 companies. Six factories are included in the group. During the past three decades Juhayna has succeeded in achieving the loyalty of consumers through the variety of quality products as trusted household names 1.
Juhayna owns about 6,000 acres in Aselaa, 2,600 acres in Wadi Al-Gdeed, inaddition to two farms based on the technology of milking rotor. Juhayna's yearly sales are about 1,600,000,000 in 2012 but, however it was aiming to increase them to reach about 2,000,000,000 by 2013.
During the past three decades Juhayna has succeeded in achieving the loyalty of consumers through the variety of quality products as trusted household names.
Recent market studies have showed that Juhayna conquers a level of brand awareness that is significantly seen than its leading competitors on the market. It has increased production capacity while expanding and developing its product range. Meanwhile, the company produces more than 150 different products on the market shelves that are produced at six separate manufacturing facilities with the industrial capacity which yields about 2,900 tons per day. Juhayna has dedicated to different market segments with a wide range of products that were developed with specific qualities to serve all tastes of its consumers. In 1987, Juhayna became the first Egyptian company offering safe and healthy packed milk products to the market.

Actually, Juhayna had focused on several aspects in order to compete with other competitors and achieve advantage. First they focused on pricing where they can provide a mix of prices where everyone can afford and buy daily which results in maintaining a large customer base. Second, they focused on the quality where all their products with their price mix have great quality than their competitors, also innovative packaging. Finally they focused on dependability where they support their orders on time 1.
Customers will go for Juhayna products because it’s always available in market whenever they want it, with its different nectars and exclusive striking packaging, and different prices which all socio-economic levels can afford it. Now they are considered one of the top juices, milk manufacturing companies in the market.
As the company succeeds more, it faces new challenges mainly in how to be new and widen its marketplace. So from time to time it needs to develop their products by offering it in new shape, new nectars, and new varieties to lead the market and remain as its leader 2.
Analysis of the value chain and microenvironment:
Juhayna has an extensive direct, wide distribution and sales network in Egypt which might be difficult to duplicate. In general, the steps involved in the input by suppliers to the final consumed products are called the value chain, and...

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