Juicing As A Natural Cholesterol Solution

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Getting to Know Celery – More than Just a Crunch

Celery curatives have been used throughout history. A good source of insoluble fiber, celery contains compounds that potentially help prevent cancer and aid in lowering high blood pressure.

Although it is high in organic sodium, celery salt is poles apart from table salt. We need the alkalinity in organic sodium to help neutralize acidity from inadequate nutrition and stressful lifestyles. Otherwise, the body robs stored minerals, such as in the bones, to neutralize acid.

Organic sodium is vital for fluid balance, digestion, calcium absorption and bile production. Should we ingest too much sodium, the body eliminates it easily. Further, dehydration can occur when sodium levels are out of whack.

• A solid connection has been established between potassium and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. There is about 263mg potassium in one cup of celery.
• A chemical contained in celery, butyl phthalide may help lower LDLs (bad) cholesterol.
• Celery facilitates greater bile acid secretion, which serves to get rid of cholesterol in the body.
• Large amounts of calcium in celery help calm nerves.
• The anti-inflammatory polyacetylene contained in celery relieves inflammation from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Juicing provides the quickest, most efficient therapeutic benefits.
• A glass of celery juice prior to meals aids in weight loss. In between meals celery juice can curb junk food cravings.
• Athletes drink celery juice post-workouts to restore electrolyte balance, reload the body with minerals and rehydrate.

What Studies Reveal about Cholesterol and Celery

University of Chicago researchers discovered that eating two stalks of celery per day lowered participants total cholesterol as much as seven points.

According to a study published in Pharmacology Magazine, scientists added celery seed extract to lab rat's food, each day for a period of 60 days. Their findings were striking – LDLs reduced...

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