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Jules And Jess Essay

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In the movie Bend it like Beckham, we are presented with cultural hybridity in it's functional role in society and in what way it is actually formed. Painting two different pictures of an Indian and a British family, the startpoint of the movie is showing how different these two cultures actually are. The theme of accepted social behaviour is seen throughout the movie in various situations.
Jess, an Indian girl whose parents came to Britain in search for a better life, struggles to find mutual ground for cultural norms of her parents, and the cultural norms of the society she lives in. Her parents have adapted some cultural elements such as mobile phones, but those are all merely just a ...view middle of the document...

He talks to her dad and then talks to Jess, and in the end she says: „You make it sound so easy“. Joe, who is Irish, is constantly trying to simpathyze with Jess, telling her his own story about his relationship with his father. And while Joe was quick enough to stop talking to his father, Jess is not able to show that kind of confidence, because respect for elders, and especially parents is a cultural value which is strongly embeded within her.
Along with this picture of cultural hybridity, cultural upbringing and immagined community, there is also a picture of culture which is in constant change. Jess's father tells her how he was discriminated when he played sports, and how he quit all together, thinking the same will happen to his daughter. And though we see in one scene that she was discriminated, she stood up for herself, rather than quit – but would she stand up for herself in the cultural ground her father lived in during that time? There must have been some change if she was...

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