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Jules Verne: A Brief Biography Essay

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Throughout time, genres have had their era of popularity. One genre that has stayed strong is science fiction. Jules Verne has entertained multiple generations with his fantasizing vision of the future and technology. Jules Verne should be studied because modern influence and creation of science fiction.
Jules Gabriel Verne was born on February 8, 1828 in Nantes, France. Born to lawyer, Pierre Verne, and housewife, Sophie Allotte; Verne was the eldest of the two boys and three girls (Press 7). At a very young age, Verne was interested in new experiences and travel. Verne would go on sailing trips with his father and brother, on one of these trips the boat sunk and Verne was stranded on a small island. Verne has to wait until low tide to be able to reach the main shore and his family (The UnMusuem–Jules Verne). The article “Jules Verne” in Space Sciences describes Verne’s first thirst for his own adventure. The article says, “At twelve years of age, Verne ran off to be a cabin boy on a merchant ship, thinking he was going to have an adventure. However, his father caught up with the ship before it got very far.” Soon after this expedition, Verne kept his adventure in his mind. This, with the ongoing political, scientific, and religious revolutions, later sparked his creativity for complex and innovative stories (Press 3).
For most of his schooling, Jules Verne attended catholic schools. At a young age, Jules Verne despised writing and learning in general because he was forced to do it (Press 15). After making it through high school, Verne was sent to law school in Paris in 1884 by his father to follow the family tradition. Verne was always interested in theatre, but his father disapproved. After finishing school, Verne worked as a stockbroker (Jules Verne Biography). While working in the stock market Verne continuously wrote plays, most of which were failures (Jules Verne). Soon after starting his job, Verne met Honorie Anne Marie de Viane, whom he would later marry in 1857. Honorie, a widow, had two daughters and together they had Michel, Verne’s only child (Press 22).
In his first works, Verne challenged himself and the people around him because his works questioned his religion at times (Press 20). Even after overcoming his own personal challenges, Jules Verne was turned down by many publishers for his radical no form of writing (Riding). After no company would publish Paris in the 20th Century, Verne tried publishing Five Weeks in a Balloon. After months with the same previous results Verne went into depression. At one point he had totally lost hope and threw his manuscript for Five Weeks in a Balloon into the fire, luckily his wife was in the room to quickly save it (Press 24). With the support of his wife, Verne was finally able to find a publisher. Pierre-Jules Hetzel published Verne’s novel and eventually they became partners, working together on almost every single one of Verne’s works (Riding).
Once Verne found a publisher he quit his...

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