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Julia Butterfly Hill: Environmentalist Essay

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Since the beginning of time Earth has helped all inhabitants to survive. Earth provides all living organisms with air, shelter, vegetation, water and food. However, with recurring advancement in technology, people have forgotten how our everyday actions can impair the environment. We live in a heavily self-centered time where people worry only about themselves with no connection to the environment or others. Although, its apparent that the Earth has changed due to pollution and waste, people prefer to discount the issues. Nevertheless, there are those who go to great lengths to educate people the seriousness of harm towards the environment. In particular, a woman by the name of Julia “Butterfly Hill corroborates that a selfless act such as tree-sitting can prompt realization to the detrimental effects of logging. Julia “Butterfly” Hill before the tree-sitting act embodies the common disposition of people and the environment, but renders people conscious of her mission to save the redwood tree while in the act; in addition, after the act, it epitomizes her goal as a committed advocate for the sustainability of the Earth.

Julia “Butterfly” Hill’s life before the act not only betrays nature by conducting her life through unconscious decisions, it violates the ecosystem, leading to the ignorance characterized by humans toward the environment. From Don Oldenberg’s “Julia Hill Butterfly, From Treetop to Grass Roots,” we learn of her upbringing where Julia grew up “dirt-poor” and set her sights on making money with no aspiration to “making the world a better place.” Her “backdoor activist” attitude substantiates that nature wasn’t her first priority. Likewise, she was insensible to the consequences her lifestyle had on the ecosystem. Julia was unsympathetic that use of modern-day conveniences such as driving and plastic bottles produced waste and pollution. People in modern-day society are indifferent to nature surrounding them. Most people are like well-trained robots; merely waking up to routines, such as work. Working to earn money has become the principal goal to survival in modern times; as a result, this fast-paced lifestyle has led people to become more accustomed and reliant on technology. Consequently, people tend to neglect the environment in it’s splendor; seldom taking time to appreciate it. It’s truly troubling to witness technology blinding people from what really allowed humanity to survive. Although nature is everywhere, it sometimes becomes a backdrop in the hustle and bustle of everyday human life.

Julia “Butterfly” Hill’s life in the act not only places a dilemma for logging companies, but it awakens people from the oblivious life they live and revives their respect for the environment. Oldenberg’s “Julia Butterfly Hill, From Treetop to Grass Roots,” Julia’s newfound life was “steered” by an epiphany from an unlikely source. From this epiphany in the redwood forest, she stumbled upon her purpose:...

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