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Juliet The Rulebreaker In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Should people be allowed to break the set laws of society for their own desires? In the famous play “Romeo and Juliet” these laws have affected the main character Juliet in many ways. In this play these laws not only prevent her from having true happiness with Romeo, but they also force Juliet into a marriage that she does not even want. They even force her to have a fake her own death to be with her one true love; however, Juliet breaks these set laws though to have true happiness with the one she loves. Although Juliet goes against society, she does it in order to be happy with Romeo, avoid being wed to Paris, and not having to listen to her family.
The First way that Juliet goes against society is by dating, and falling in love with Romeo. The first example can be seen by how Romeo and Juliet should hate each other are supposed to due to their own families. Acknowledgement for this can be seen when the play starts and the chorus says, “Two households, both alike in dignity. / In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, / From an ancient grudge break to new mutiny. / Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. / From forth the fatal loins of these two foes / a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life; / Whose misadventures piteous overthrows / Doth with their death bury their parent’s strife.” (I.i.1-8). This clearly shows that the parents of the two lovers families have a quarrel over transgressions that each have committed towards one another. This proves the point that by dating Romeo; that Juliet has gone against society by dating her “enemy” to a. The next way that Juliet disobeys society is by meeting with Romeo in secret. This can be seen while Romeo is trespassing and Juliet says, “ Ay me! / she speacks. O, speak again, bright angel, for thou art / as glorious to this night, being o’er my head, / As a winged messenger of heaven / Unto the white-upturned wond’ring eyes / Of mortals that fall back to gase on him / when he bestrides the lazy puffing clouds / And sail upon the bosom of the air. / O Romeo, O Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? / Deny thy father and refuse thy name; / Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn by love,” (ii.ii.24-35). This shows that she is allowing him to trespass out of the remnants of love for him. This also shows her going against society by allowing him to stay, and at the same time proves that they have a strong relationship that goes against society. The final way that Juliet’s love interest goes against society is the way that they become husband and wife. This can be seen while they get married by Friar Lawrence, and how they do not invite anyone to their penury wedding. They also do not invite their parents, or have them approve the marriage as well due to their martial like treatment of their daughter. This goes against the normal because it is done secretly, and does not agree with society’s rules. Overall Juliet’s affair and marriage with Romeo has not only opposed society, but shows that Juliet has...

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