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Julio Claudians Essay

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Julio - Claudians "Although they often received bad reviews from their contemporaries, the Julio-Claudians provided Rome with consistent, if not spectacular, leadership. Assess the reliability of our sources on the Julio-Claudians and account for their views" The death of Augustus did not see the end of the principate. Instead, it continued to develop along the lines he had created. One of the most influential factors in determining the direction of the principate was Augustus' adoption of Tiberius as his successor. Through this action, Augustus created the beginning of a line of emperors who came to be known as the Julio-Claudians who ruled Rome until the death of Nero in AD 68.The Julio-Claudians emperors were Tiberius, Gaius (Caligula), Claudius and Nero. They ruled the Roman Empire from AD 14-68. They have today, become some of the best known emperors of the Roman Empire.The major sources of information about the Julio-Claudians emperors are the works of Tacitus and Suetonius. It is said that both writers used information, which suited their purposes and, therefore, should be considered as unbalanced views. Both Suetonius and Tacitus tended to ignore the empire when there was peace and prosperity. They neglected to mention matters like the effective administration of the empire, giving a distorted evaluation of the emperors. They also did not mention the growth and prosperity in the empire during the reign of the Julio-Claudians. This indicates that the emperors must have been far more capable than their reputations indicate.Tacitus and Suetonius both gave the emperors negative reputations. Historians later tended to follow the opinion made and took the lead of these ancient writers.The first four successors of Augustus were called the Julio-Claudian emperors, as all of them were related either to the Julian or the Claudian family.Tiberius (C.E. 14-37), unlike his predecessor, lacked popularity and charisma, but was both a competent commander and ruler. The reign of Tiberius started with revolts of Roman armies in Germany and Hungary, which were crushed shortly afterward. The new emperor divested the people of the right to choose the magistrates, transferring the power to the Senate. Tiberius halted the German campaign of his son-in-law, Germanicus, in C.E. 16, because of excessive cost of campaigning. But two years later, Cappadocia (eastern Turkey) was added to the Roman Empire.The reign of Tiberius was disturbed by the ascendance of Sejanus, who aspired to be the next ruler and wielded so much influence until his execution that a fearful and embittered Tiberius left Rome permanently. During the last part of his reign, an increasingly suspicious Tiberius had many senators and public officials executed on charge of treason. Tiberius generated a huge surplus in the treasury through high taxation, but lent money without interest to the needy during the economic crisis of Rome during C.E 33. Yet, his last years were so shaded with court...

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