Julius Caesar (Be Loyal In Life)

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Caesar: "Et tu, Brute? - Then fall Caesar!"-Julius CaesarShakespeare's, august tragedy, Julius Caesar is about the fall of the Roman Republic and betrayal of the tyrant Caesar, by his best friend, Marcus Brutus. Brutus chose to be loyal to Rome over Julius Caesar, whereas I chose to be loyal in all my relationships. Betrayal and loyalty are two big factors in life. If people would stop betraying others than the world would become a safer place, and people could believe stronger in friendships.On one hand there is a traitor called Brutus, yet he can still be called a hero to some extent. One thing he wanted to do was kill Julius Caesar because he thought he was gaining too much power and he wanted the republic to stay. He just did not want Caesar to gain complete control so he decided to usurp him from the throne. So him and his group of friends hatched a conspiracy to kill Caesar. This choice that Brutus took, tells us that he loves Rome very dearly and he could do anything for Rome, even if he had to kill his best friend. The conspirators decided that each of them would draw their sword at Caesar killing him at the Senate. Marcus Brutus thought that after killing Caesar, he would become a hero because he saved Rome, but to his surprise the whole of Rome completely turned against him and his plan backfired on him. Taking into account of all that Brutus did, his consequence in the end was a horrible one....

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873 words - 3 pages Decision Making in Julius Caesar   Making the right decisions is an ongoing struggle for man, because making decisions is never easy, and the wrong decision can lead to endless perils. Decisions must be made when dealing with power, loyalty, and trust. Yet, unlike other decisions, ones that are about these three fields are the most important, due to the risk involved, and because of the consequences that might follow. &nbsp

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881 words - 4 pages standing often to the lowest of the low. They are brought to their knees by the end of the story. Brutus is a respected senator in Rome, he has multiple prestigious titles. He is also very close to Caesar, the two go hand in hand, for they are friends and Caesar quite foolishly trusts Brutus with his life as he says “And we (like friends) will straightway go together (929.) In the exposition of Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus

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829 words - 3 pages Manipulation in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar William Shakespeare's tragic play portraying the life in ancient Rome is one that closely follows many elements that make a drama interesting. The murders and the conspiracies behind the killings add to the plot of jealousy and patriotism. Within Julius Caesar also lies a twisted tale of attempted, actual, and forced manipulation. The first sign of attempted manipulation in this play takes

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707 words - 3 pages from his wife and disrupts his happy private life. Brutus loses everything and becomes isolated, so he decides to take his own life. Brutus is a very complex and important character in Julius Caesar. Shakespeare portrays him as a noble man who takes a great deal of pride in his reputation and considers himself a noble and selfless man, who wants to Rome to benefit. Brutus is the only major character in the play that is exceptionally dedicated to

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874 words - 3 pages Julius Caesar was born in Rome on July 12 or 13, in the year 100 B.C. His father Gaius Caesar died when Caesar was 16 years old, and it was his mother Aurelia who proved to be quite influential in his life. Caesar's family was part of Rome's original aristocracy, called patricians, although they were not rich or particularly influential. At the time of Caesar's birth, the number of patricians was small, and their status no longer provided

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1333 words - 5 pages leader who is depicted in many different ways. Brutus friend of Caesar, loves Caesar greatly but does not think he possess leadership skills. Antony is loyal, trustworthy, and a devoted follower of Caesar, and proves to be a required character in Julius Caesar. All three of the protagonist must go through many highs and lows throughout the play. Brutus, Caesar, and Antony all qualify as protagonists in Julius Caesar because they all exhibit the

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1706 words - 7 pages Julius Caesar (100-44BC) was one of the greatest men produced by ancient Rome and he remains today a famous personality in world history (Barlow 2005). The conspirators were wrong to murder Julius Caesar in three ways. Firstly, they were morally wrong in the removal of Caesar. Secondly, they failed to consider a practical benefit to Rome in the murder of Caesar, resulting in only more problems. Lastly and most importantly, the conspirators were

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1467 words - 6 pages often hailed as the greatest playwright to have ever lived. The play, though it has many facets, can also be viewed through the lens of the socio-political concept of classical republicanism, with the events portraying its actual position and the ramifications for civic life in general. Julius Caesar is a valiant warrior who holds the position of dictator in the Roman Senate. He is shown to be an unquestioned leader-honest and devoted deeply to

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722 words - 3 pages to hear and answer such high things" (170). Finally, Cassius is satisfied with Brutus' response. Cassius' gleefully declares, "I am glad that my weak words have struck / but thus much show of fire from Brutus" (176-78).   Although Cassius' words are very confusing in many ways, they are also sad, as the story of Julius Caesar must inevitably be. Frankly, Cassius words come true when the conspirators murders Caesar.   What

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694 words - 3 pages . William Shakespeare portrays Caesar as both human and super human in Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar even makes statements where he depicts himself as being super human or human. The fact that Caesar was murdered shows that he was in fact human. One who is immortal, or super human, cannot be assassinated. Caesar wanted people to believe that he was super human, however, since he died, the conclusion can be drawn that Caesar was more human than

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1902 words - 8 pages predominant theme in both novels Julius Caesar and Othello are the symbols. In the novel Othello one of the most predominant symbols used in Iago’s plan was the handkerchief.. In the particular era that the story takes place among the society of the Moors, a gift was given from the groom to the bride. As long as the bride maintained the gift, then the marriage would be a happy and successful one, but if it were to ever be lost, then the marriage would

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1788 words - 7 pages The Life of Julius Caesar Julius Caesar is and was one of the most influential people in history. He created laws, stuck wars, and developed new strategies for leadership and battles. "Caesar is widely considered to be one of the greatest military geniuses of all time, as well as a brilliant politician and one of the ancient world's strongest leaders (Julius Caesar pg.1)." He transformed the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire

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1176 words - 5 pages truly desire. In William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Julius Caesar, this idea of falsifying information for one’s own gain is apparent. Characters such as Cassius, Antony, and Decius Brutus all demonstrate that manipulation is a requirement in order to achieve an overall goal. (transition), Cassius uses a fair amount of trickery in order to recruit Brutus for his conspiracy. Many of the conspirators voice their desire to have Brutus on their side during

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1354 words - 5 pages Julius Caesar EssayThe play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare includes many references of superstitions and omens. These references played an important role in the development of the plot and characters. Shakespeare used elements such as weather, old beliefs, and people's visions to portray messages to the audience. Through the use of superstitions and omens, Shakespeare foreshadowed Caesar's death, exposed the changes in various characters

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1011 words - 4 pages The Psychological Approach analyzes characters based on Freud’s conception of the human psyche-- id, ego, superego-- as well as relationships and conflicts within the story. In Julius Caesar, Shakespeare develops Marc Antony and Brutus using these two methods; Marc Antony convinces the town people to revolt by controlling his id and ego, while Brutus is developed as honorable through his relationship with Cassius, his reputation, his progression