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Julius Caesar Characters Essay

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Julius Caesar is built around individuals in high positions who are essentially admirable people, but had certain character flaws that lead to their descent. Caesar, Brutus, and Cassius fall during the course of the play. Each of these characters had a certain flaw or flaws that led to their demise. By these characteristics, Caesar and Brutus would be considered to be tragic characters. Cassius would not be considered as a tragic character, though. Julius Caesar was described as ambitious by Brutus during his funeral speech. He says, " he was ambitious, I slew him" (III. ii. 25-26). Brutus is saying how Caesar strongly desired power and that was why the conspirators murdered him. For his ambition; that single reason. In addition, he adds, "...Had you rather Caesar were living, and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, and live all free men" (III. ii. 22-23). If Caesar would have received the crown, Rome would have became a monarchy. Brutus believed that this was not what the citizens of Rome desired. From that, Brutus said that he loved Caesar, but he loved Rome more. That is why he participated in the conspiracy. Brutus' downfall was caused by his poor decision making, and being gullible. His first mistake was when he decided to join the conspiracy. Second, when the conspirators were discussing their scheme, he convinced everyone to let Mark Antony live. Brutus chose to let him live because he did not consider him a threat at the time, and killing him might give them a reputation of being bloodthirsty. Allowing Antony to speak at the funeral was Brutus' third mistake. Antony then caused this mob...

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