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Julius Caesar-Citizen of Rome My name is Felicius Dedecus, and I live in Rome. I am a common citizen, and work in the local bakery. I am married to a charming lady named Antonia. We have been married for only a couple of months, and we do not have any children. We are not yet prepared to have a child, because we cannot financially support one. Once the bakery starts going well, we will have a child. I work during the days, and Antonia, being a lady, does not work so she could take care of the child. I begin to laugh, when I imagine a woman working somewhere other than in the kitchen. It would be quite an odd sight. I hear people shouting. It seems to be coming from the Capitol. I am heading towards there, to find out the reason for all of this commotion.The greatest man that I have ever known is dead. His name was Caesar, and he was a beloved benefactor and a hero. He defeated Pompey's sons, and would do anything to benefit Rome. Rome will never profit from this man again, for he was stabbed by a sword. Honorable Brutus, his best friend, helped in the killing of Caesar. All actions of this noble man, in the past, have been admirable. I am at the Forum, and the funeral for beloved Caesar is about to take place. Brutus will explain his reasons for murdering Caesar, which will surely be logical. Then, Mark Antony will be delivering a speech, and conducting the funeral rites. The funeral speech, or Laudatio Funebris, is a common Roman custom. This funeral promises to be chaotic, and I am not sure what is to come for Rome.Brutus is about to speak. My co-worker at the local bakery, Ragorius, says aloud what many of us Roman citizens are thinking. He says, "We will be satisfied; let us be satisfied." I am anxious to hear Brutus' speech, for I am very curious to hear the justification of the murder.Had anyone else killed Caesar, in no circumstance, would I have listened to their speech. However, Brutus is reputable, and his dignified presence gets him replies upon his request. He asks us, "Be patient till the last . . . hear me for mine cause and be silent." When Brutus said this, I immediately obeyed him. He says, "...believe me for my honor, that you may believe: censure me in your wisdom, and awake your senses, that you may the better judge." So far Brutus' pleasant manner impresses me. I am more than willing to hear his speech, only wise words have come out of his honorable mouth in the past, I presume the same to occur now."Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more." He tells us that his love for Caesar was as great as any friend's, but that he loved Rome and the freedom of her citizens more. I see the truth in what Brutus is saying. He truly does care about us, and he will do anything to fight for our rights. I am not quite certain on how Caesar stole our freedom, but I am sure that some of his actions prove this. Brutus said that he loved Caesar, but because of his ambition removing him was necessary, for he was about to make all of...

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