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        Julius Caesar Was Known By Roman’s To Be A Tall

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Julius Caesar was known by Roman's to be a tall handsome, determined, and energetic man from a noble, and moderately wealthy family. He was also known to wear his clothing in a showy elegant way. More than the usual Italian, he went through much trouble in the arrangement of his hair. His impressive appearance was not where it stopped. He is without any contest the Roman Empires greatest politician and statesmen. 1 Julius Caesar was born in Rome to an aristocratic family on July 13th 100 B.C. The most important aspect of this child's upbringing is that he was able to move among all the layers of society. This gave him a good view all the classes of Roman life. Caesar was in no way handed an easy life. He lost his father at the age of fifteen. He became very close to his mother, who took a firm command in his upbringing. Another major figure in the raising of Caesar was his uncle Gaius Marius Cotta. 2 After Gaius was installed on January 1, 92 BC, Caesar was barley capable of any time with his family. As he grew older and wiser he began to advise men on legal, financial, and even private matters. Caesar gave promises to people of employment, shelter, relief from military employment and help with their debts to others. As a young man he was faced with many Judicial activates. He soon became the head of many court proceedings. He quickly became versed in the way or Roman justice. It is important to recognize that this type or responsibility is simple awesome for a young adult being given this power in 84 BC. 3 The main point that Gaius stressed to the premature Caesar was that a senator's prime obligation was not to his family or clan but to his clients. This lesson stuck with him throughout his life. He was never a man that would neglect his duties to Rome. This to me is a very admirable trait for anyone. In this time holding to your duties secured the fabric of Roman life. 4 As Caesar continues to mature he becomes very recognized for his intelligence, variety of interests, and superb taste. It became very apparent that he was raised by a numerous amount role models that educated him. A powerful gift Caesar became know for was his ability as an orator. This ability proves to be very useful in his later life. 4 A major impact on the shaping of Julius Caesar will take place during the Roman Civil War. At only sixteen he is inside one of two parties. Because of his defiant loyalty he does not abandon it despite its apparent defeat. We can see that he was committed to a position within the Roman aristocracy. Despite that fact he was very emotionally shaken by this, it is recognized as a gradual starting point for his identity. 5 At sixteen holding his ground in this situation says much about his character. This integrity develops for the rest of his life. This impressive attribute will remain constant for this man. This incident will also play a crucial role on him taking a...

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