Julius Caesar: Hero Or Villain Was His Assassination Justified?

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In the determination of whether Julius Caesar was an intelligent, political hero or an egocentric, dictating villain, it is important to look at all of the facts. Born in 100 B.C.E. and assassinated in 44 B.C.E., Julius Caesar was legendary. He along Pompey, and Crassus created the first unofficial Triumvirate which was negotiated to appease both the Roman citizens and the power hungry rivals. Still, this agreement would not last long. After Pompey’s wife, Julia Caesar and daughter of Caesar’s daughter given to Pompey to establish the Trimvirate, dies in childbirth, civil war breaks out as Caesar leads his army against Rome. He fights until Pompey is murdered in Egypt. As Rome is “shattered,” Julius Caesar one person should rule. He avoids having a monarchy by becoming a dictator instead of a king. Although his intentions seem honorable, he controls the government and the elections. However; he makes changes to ensure financial stability of Rome and is able to make allies with enemies by showing grace instead of vengeance. Conversely, some people still saw him as a traitor for taking side with the common people. This elitist group felt that Julius Caesar needed to be stopped and decided to take action. Referring to three primary sources on the actions taken, it is important to analyze these writings to decide if Julius Caesar was attributed to being a heroic politician or a villainous dictator by how they interpret the assassinations.
The faction of elitists that were against Julius Caesar were a group of senators lead by “Marcus Brutus (85-42 B.C.E) a former friend of Caesar. In memory of his Ancestors who 500 years early got rid of the Monarch that Julius Caesar position to them resembled. They decided that they need to kill Caesar and on March 15, 44 B.C.E Brutus struck him along the other co-conspirators. Caesar’s last words to Brutus were “You, too, son?” as he collapsed at the foot of the statue of Pompey. They called themselves liberators but did not have a plan for the future but expect things to go back to the Republic they enjoyed before the Triumvirate was established. Unfortunately, they did not see how their superior attitudes did not bode well with the people as they were unhappy during the time of the Republic. The people became angry and started rioting upon learning the fate of Caesar their leader. The “liberators” were stunned about how the people felt and they were essentially ineffective in their pursuit to “fix” Rome.
Plutarch considers Julius Caesar’s assassination to be justified. He believed the group felt they had to keep their plans in secret with a select few which they could trust to further their cause. Despite the fact that there prophesies and warnings alerting Caesar to his eminent Demise, the assassins continued their plan feeling that they would be deemed as “noble leaders of the commonwealth” when they had done this great deed. Because of Caesars hand in the murder of Pompey, it was believed to be a...

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