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Julius Caesar As The Noblest Roman Of Them All

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Julius Caesar as the Noblest Roman of Them All

In William Shakespeare's " Julius Caesar" the victorious Mark Antony
calls his rival Brutus, "the noblest Roman of them all". At the start
of the play we witnessed Cassius persuade Brutus to join a conspiracy
to kill Caesar.

In my essay I intend to discuss four main characters in order to prove
or disapprove Mark Antony's statement.

The play starts off with Julius Caesar entering Rome after his victory
in the civil war against Pompey. Some of the conspirators feel that
Caesar has become too powerful so they conceive a plan to kill him. A
conspirator named Cassius throws flattering letters through the loyal
Brutus's window saying that he should be emperor of Rome.

On the 'Ides of March' the conspirators and Caesar all meet at the
Senate House. That is when all the conspirators kill Julius Caesar one
by one.

After seeing Caesar's body Mark Antony, Caesar's associate, plans
revenge for Caesar's killing. Antony then plans an alliance with
Octavious. The play ends with Mark Antony winning the battle against
the devious Cassius and the vulnerable Brutus.

The character I firstly intend to discuss is Caesar because this is
the character who the play evolves around. Caesar first enters the
play after his victory in the civil war against Pompey. Mark Antony
offered the crown to Caesar three times. As Caesar was walking through
the streets of Rome, in act 1, a Soothsayer approached him and told
him to "Beware the Ides of March". Caesar was a superstitious man but
took no notice of the Soothsayer. However on the Ides of March
Calphurnia, Caesar's wife, Had had a disturbing dream that blood would
flow from Caesar's statue and begs him not to do to the Senate house.
Caesar then tells Calphurnia that he would not go but he is then
persuaded by Decius to go, That day at the senate house in act 3,
scene 1, Caesar was killed by the conspirators months after Julius
Caesar refused to take the crown off of Mark Antony. A ghost of Caesar
appeared in Brutus' tent near Sardis telling Brutus that they would
meet again at Philippi. "To tell thee that thou shalt see me at
Philippi". Philippi was where Brutus and Cassius would meet Antony and
Octavious to do battle.

I am now going to discuss Cassius. I would say that Cassius was a very
devious and selfish man. Cassius approached Brutus in act 1, to tell
him that he felt that Caesar was becoming too powerful "Why man he
doth bestride the narrow world like a colossus, and we petty men walk
under his huge legs" Cassius then sent flattering letters through
Brutus' window saying that he would be a better...

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