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Julius Caesar Persuasive Paper

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The book Julius Caesar is full of happiness, conspiracy, power, and betrayal. The people of Rome deeply loved julius Caesar and wished to make him their king. A group of senators however were not so fond of this idea and formed a conspiracy. The leader of this group was a man by the name of Cassius. In order to make sure that his scheme of killing Caesar would work and would look honorable he had to convince a senator by the name of Brutus to help. After being convinced that they had to kill Caesar to protect Rome from a tyrant Brutus joined the conspiracy and soon became the principal conspirator.On the day in which Caesar was to be crowned king he was on the way to the senate when he was stabbed by all the conspirators panic ensued and to convince Rome of their honorable intentions Brutus gave a funeral speech. Mark Antony, a very close friend of Caesar, gave his speech after Brutus had given his. Mark Antony’s speech is more persuasive to the Roman people because of his ...view middle of the document...

The second way in which Antony's speech is more persuasive that Brutus’s funeral speech is through the use of sarcasm. Throughout the whole speech Mark Antony refers to Brutus and the other conspirators as “Honorable Men.” This may seem like a good thing but when you look at the context in which Mark Antony says this you get a different meaning. Again in the second stanza of Antony’s speech, in lines 7-11 Mark Antony says, “When the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept: Ambition should be made of sterner stuff: Yet Brutus says he was ambitious: And Brutus is an honourable man,”(JC3.2.90-93). When Antony says this he is trying to show that although Brutus calls himself honorable he killed a good man who cared about the people of Rome. He is saying the words honorable men as a sort of contradiction to show the people that the men of the conspiracy were not honorable in their intentions.
The final way that makes Antony’s speech superior to Brutus’s speech is in his use of logos. In Brutus’s speech there was a lot of pathos and a of ethos but there was no real fact based logic to why he killed Caesar.Mark Antony’s speech on the other had had pathos and ethos but it also had reasons based in facts. In the third stanza in lines 1-3 of his speech to the people Mark Antony says, “You all did see that on the Lupercal I thrice presented him a kingly crown. Which he did thrice refuse: was this Ambitious,”(JC3.2.94-97). He reminds the people of this event to show them that Caesar refused to take the crown three times. The people were there and all saw this happen so it is becomes a powerful fact that helps persuade the people. This use of logos is extremely helpful to Mark Antony’s purpose.
There is no doubt that Mark Antony’s speech is far superior than Brutus funeral speech. His use of pathos, sarcasm, and ethos helped persuade the Roman people into thinking that Brutus and the other conspirators were evil men. This was also after Brutus had given his speech which most of the people in the crowd agreed with. After his speech and his use of persuasive techniques Antony successfully rallied the people on his side. This is how we know that Mark Antony’s funeral speech was the superior speech.

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