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Julius Caesar: Rome’s Greatest Leader Essay

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Julius Caesar is the most well known Roman ruler of all time. His military and political careers were both successful. This helped Caesar gain complete trust of the Roman people even though he killed the previous leader of Rome, Pompey. He was well liked by most everyone in Rome except for those who disapproved of him being named dictator of Rome. An assassination plot was devised to put an end to his rule. His death ultimately led to the end of the Roman Republic and the start of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar’s legacy will be remembered by his brilliant military victories, his rise to political fame, and his role in the First Triumvirate.
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Eventually, the Roman Senate sent Julius Caesar to Spain to become its quastor. This role helped Caesar hone his military leadership and management skills.
When Caesar returned from Spain, Pompey and Crassus became good friends with Caesar. They helped him advance in his political career. He was chosen to be an aedile curule (helped with civil needs). He was then promoted to pontifex maximus (responsible for observance of religious practices in Rome). A year later, he was promoted to the status of praetor (2nd highest official rank who was in charge of civil and military responsibilities). He was then made a proprietor, a person who ruled a province, of Spain. In Spain, he fought against the barbarians and won nearly all of his battles. The following year he returned to Rome to run for the rank of consulship. Due to his victories in Spain, the people fell in love with him, and he easily became the consul of Rome. With his rising military power, Pompey and Crassus cemented an alliance with the ambitious Julius Caesar; they became known as the First Triumvirate. The three men ruled Rome and her territories with powerful military rule.
Their alliance was doing well until Crassus was killed in military action in the East. Pompey became the dictator of Rome since Caesar was involved with problems in his province. Without Crassus to help make peace, Pompey and Caesar argued about their own personal interests. Pompey quickly tried to make Caesar politically weak, but Caesar had the support from his army. Caesar quickly forces Pompey to retreat to Egypt where he finds the severed head of Pompey. With Pompey dead, Caesar had an opportunity to become dictator...

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