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Julius Caesar: The Greatest Military Mind In History

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Julius Caesar was a great general and important leader in Ancient Rome. During his lifetime which lasted from 100 BC to 44 BC, he had held almost every important title in the Roman Republic including consul, tribune of people, high commander of the army and high priest. At a young age, he knew how important money was to the Roman politics and why the system was so corrupt. He suggested many new laws, which most of them were approved. He recognized the army and never lost a battle in the many he fought. He improved the way provinces were governed. He also shared his intelligence with the world by helping edit the calendar, and the romans rewarded him by naming a month after him. Julius ...view middle of the document...

By making the decision, Rome was rewarded with more power. Julius Caesar earned the title of being the greatest military leader of all time because he earned the respect of Rome and his soldiers by not only giving them great strategic plans, but fighting on foot with them, rarely losing a battle and helping expand the Roman Republic. Julius Caesar started trends which are still used by leaders in wars in the present. Julius Caesar was a trendsetter during his time, and even after.
Julius Caesar grew up in a prominent roman family, at the young age of fifteen. He would accompany his father to the forum, which was the seat of government of ancient Rome, it was obvious that he would have a future in politics. When Julius Caesar became a leader he did many things that helped to socially reform Rome and improve the roman economy. He was one of the first Roman politicians to realize the Roman Republic was on the verge of collapsing. Since the rich citizens of Rome owned almost all of the land and slaves did all of the work, which left the poorer Roman citizen’s jobless. introduced several laws that redistributed land and jobs from the nobles, which cancelled a quarter of debt in Rome. By doing that not only did he help the Roman economy, but that led Rome to socially reform by having the more rich citizens have to pay more taxes than the poorer ones would have too. Not only did that help socially reform Rome, but also helped improve the economy. Julius Caesar was the first one to realize that Rome was on the verge of collapsing, and he fixed it by redistributing land and jobs from the nobles and socially reforming the Roman Republic. Julius Caesar saved the Roman economy, and that is why he is a trendsetter.
Not only did Julius Caesar’s political career show that he was a trendsetter. It showed that he treated his people with respect, which wasn’t a trend back then. He was the first leader to show respect and provide the citizens with acts of kindness. Julius Caesar knew that he had to keep his people happy to have a successful leadership in Rome. He would give out money and grain to the citizens that would need it. Also, he gave legendary speeches that gave the citizens of Rome hope and showed that he recognized their needs. His intelligence helped revised the calendar which we use to this day. He also differed from other roman generals by giving the enemies forgiveness and recruiting them, while any other Roman general would have slaughtered them. Julius...

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