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Julius Ceasar - 100 BCE to 44 BCE.Julius Caesar was raised in an insula (similar to our apartment buildings) in the Subura, which is a lower-class neighborhood of Rome, but Caesar was tied to the Populares through family connections. When Caesar turned 15, his father became ill and died. All of his father's money was left to him, three years later, Caesar married a Roman Woman named Cornelia but in 82 BC Julius was ordered to divorce her, he refused and fled Rome to hide. Caesar was later pardoned and allowed back into Rome. After a short time in Rome Caesar left for military service in Asia and Cilicia. In 80 BC, Caesar played a key role in the battle of Miletus. Two years later Caesar returned home to Rome and began his political career in the Forum at Rome as an advocate for the populares. Caesar was known as the best speaker in Rome. Later Caesar was inspired to put his name up for election to the post, and Caesar was elected to the post of praetor in 62 BC. After his praetorship, Caesar became Governor of Hispania Ulterior (Outer Spain). Caesars provincial military success was able to expand Roman rule, and brought the attention of Centuriate Assembly, electing him the senior Consul of the Roman Republic. Caesar realized that he would need money from Crassus and influence from Pompey, so an informal alliance was made between them. To confirm this recent alliance Pompey married Caesar's only daughter Julia.The next milestone in Julius Caesar's career was the start of the Gallic wars (58 BC-49 BC) in which he conquered all of Gaul (the rest of current France). Caesar would later defeat the Helvetii (in Switzerland) in 58 BC, the Belgic confederacy and the Nervii in 57 BC and the Veneti in 56 BC. In 55 BC, Caesar's partners, Pompey and Crassus, were elected consuls, all three men were happy with this alliance until 54 BC when...

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Good vs. Bad Julius Ceasar Essay

940 words - 4 pages In the time of the ruling of Julius Caesar, all of the Romans loved most of Caesar's qualities. He was a good and popular leader and did a lot for the people. But some Romans had a problem with Caesar and plotted to kill him. These people were Brutus and Cassius. This started a civil war between the Romans. This war may have been prevented if Brutus and Cassius had done things a little differently. Cassius would have made a better leader rather

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1244 words - 5 pages know as life. With that being said we would have a tragic flaw that would lead to anguish, demise and or death. In fact Brutus the Tragic hero of the play ended his life on the count of his flaws. His tragic flaws lead him on this path to death so we must all see the root of what could be our downfall before we can continue life without worries of going down the wrong path. Ultimately Brutus is the Tragic Hero of Julius Ceasar for Shakespeare has

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3495 words - 14 pages Manos MathewProf. BrianWorld History I11/29/01The Man Behind the NameCaius Julius Caesar was a well-known figure in both Roman and world history. Everywhere around the world the name of Caesar is known, sometimes in a positive light and other times in a negative. In order to understand the man and make our own judgment on what type of individual Caesar was, we must first delve into the life of Caesar. Caesar's political origin began

Julius Ceasar

1214 words - 5 pages any hiding Afghanistani's. This in turn would save the United States money for ammunition. We may not be one of the most powerful nations, but we could do great deeds with our garbage disposal. We could really help out. Next, and most importantly, America is killing almost all life forms in Afghanistan, and so there won't be many to protest our idea to dump garbage there. It's becoming a wrought wasteland anyway. Why not put it to use

Julius Ceasar

1051 words - 4 pages Case PAGE 4 English 2 H6 December 2011The Speech That Lead Rome Into Civil WarWhen trying to defend on someone's behalf, the most important aspect is the way one presents him or herself to the Audience. In William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Antony, who was Caesar's close friend, gives a speech at Rome's capitol on the platform after Caesar's death . His speech's purpose was to show how Brutus was wrong in saying that Caesar

Julius Ceasar

795 words - 3 pages Caesar's Funeral Speeches - "Justification versus Manipulation" In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, one of the most important and significant orations are the funeral speeches given by both Brutus and Mark Antony. At first glance, the funeral speeches seem to have no true significant meaning. However upon further investigation it is established that the speeches ultimately serve as the basis for the final outcome of the play

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795 words - 3 pages Caesar's Funeral Speeches - "Justification versus Manipulation" In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, one of the most important and significant orations are the funeral speeches given by both Brutus and Mark Antony. At first glance, the funeral speeches seem to have no true significant meaning. However upon further investigation it is established that the speeches ultimately serve as the basis for the final outcome of the play

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661 words - 3 pages Who is the real Hero of this Play? The dictionary defines a hero as man/woman who is famed for courage or deeds of prowess. The character in the play Julius Caesar, who best fits this description, is Brutus. Brutus is the hero in this play because he demonstrates certain character traits that would be necessary for a person to be defined as a hero. Brutus demonstrates how he loves Rome even more than himself and those close to him. He

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701 words - 3 pages Blood Imagery in Julius Caesar"Thematic patterns of fire and blood, with their vivid imagery, are among the most immediately noticeable in the play." (McMurty, 67) In Julius Caesar, the image of blood introduces the idea of violence into the readers mind. The fluidly creates a sinister mood, contributes to characterization, foreshadows, and reinforces the theme of politics. This sinister mood is almost always means of foreshadowing. Blood

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1260 words - 6 pages Augustus Caesar of Rome (Julius Caesar Research Project) May 2014 Adam Fullerton “I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.” ~ Augustus Caesar Early Life Augustus was born on the 23rd of September in 63 B.C.E as Gaius Octavius Thurinus 20 miles

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866 words - 3 pages In Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"; Mark Antony is one of the characters that transforms throughout the play. Antony's character changes from being the loyal friend to Caesar, to a tactful and coherent politician and then finally transforming to become the next co-ruler of Rome. This passage is one of many instances where Antony's personality changes.This excerpt is basically a build up and a taste of what to be expected and a contrast to the

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1283 words - 5 pages . Humor or puns are illustrated when the cobbler describes himself as a "mender of bad soles." The ghost of Julius Caesars accounts for the supernatural element. Marc Antony brings about revenge when he rallies the people against Brutus for killing Caesar. When Portia is too late in stopping Brutus from reaching the capitol where he will kill Caesar is a great example of chance happenings. 2.) The element of character flaw play as huge role in this

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702 words - 3 pages Character Counts      William Wordsworth once said that “The best portion of a good man’s life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love” (Health Communications, Inc. 213). In William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, Marc Antony exhibits the character counts pillars respect, responsibility, and also caring. Marc Antony shows his respect when everyone was against Caesar, but he still was tolerant

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555 words - 2 pages In Act Two of Julius Caesar, the reader was introduced to the characters of Portia and Calpurnia. They were similar in many ways. Portia was the wife of Brutus. She noticed that there was something the matter with Brutus when he uncharacteristically awoke very early in the morning. She asked him what was bothering him but her question was only answered by a glare. She continued her questioning and insisted that he tell her what was

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917 words - 4 pages The role of Women in Julius Ceasar In the play “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare, women play an important role. The women are important factors in foreshadowing and in the development of many of the characters. To look at the role of women in the play we must look deeper in to the roles of the only two women in the play; Calpurnia, wife of Caesar, and Portia, wife of Brutus. Both of these women are key in foreshadowing the