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This review was posted at a Homeworld news site in February 2001. It has since been archived.Jump Gate Pkers are Evil Jumpgate is a new MMORPG currently in open beta and developed by NetDevil. It has taxed the time of many HomeWorld players, which is unfortunate for the skill base at HW. But hey! This game sure is enticing. After four months testing Jumpgate, I have come to the conclusion that JG is going to suffer the same problems as Ultima Online when they lost many clients to Everquest and Asheron's Call. PvP issues affecting the needs of peaceful players caused this loss of playership. Not only does uncontrolled PvP spoil the fun, the intensity of RPG also has a by-product of spilling over into relationships in real time and questions a player's willingness to fork out next month's subscription for the game.Myself and many other players have left the Jumpgate beta because of the ghetto, gang like mentality of certain squads who take pleasure in killing other pilots for the slightest transgression or flimsiest whim. Players who wish to extract a different sense of achievement from the game besides combat are at the mercy these killer pilots.Being killed in Jumpgate is not the end of the world. Your life pod is sent back to the faction's core station and then the player is set up with default newbie gear. However your statistics and progress in the game can be severely set back by a few quick deaths and this is not fun. For players who wish to avoid the combat RPG aspect of play and simply trade or mine for the economy, falling victim repetitively to Pkers is disheartening and corrupts interest in the game.The PK issue first reared its ugly head in the days of Ultima Online. 'Player Killers' (PKers), who take pleasure in attacking less powerful players, created an income-flow problem for Origin (the developers). Origin initially saw player vs player (PvP) as a natural part of the MMORPG realism. But when a large percentage of clients were lost to competitors, Origin revised the game and released Ultima Online: Renaissance. Here the player could only go vs another player by mutual consent, a move that killed the game in the eyes of many UO die-hards. Similarly, the Jumpgate developers, NetDevil, will be forced to confront the PK issue or suffer a loss of potential income when the game is released.Personally, I...

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