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Junk Or Jewel: It All Depends On You (Art Exhibit By Richard Stankiewicz)

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Honestly, I was not thrilled to find that as part of this class a "field Trip" was required to complete an assignment. Several factors played into that; first, the only opportunity I would have to squeeze in a cultural event would be on a weekend, and second, given the propensity of Murphy's Law to lay-in wait, I was certain something would happen which would effect my ability to complete the assignment; like the exhibit being cancelled or a flat tire on the truck. I was also a tad anxious because although I have lived in San Antonio, Texas for almost three years, I had no idea what cultural events this city had to offer besides rodeos, Country and Western concerts, or trips to the Alamo. My goals were, (1) to find something I thought I would enjoy rather than just going for the sake of going, and (2) to find something within an acceptable time frame that would allow me to see and write about it. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised, as was my husband, because I was compelled to drag him with me. The Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum provided an art exhibit that was unusual and interesting; my goals were met. On Sunday, 16 May 2004, I attended the art exhibit Miracle in the Scrap Heap by Richard Stankiewicz.I had called ahead and asked if cameras were permitted in the museum, in retrospect I should have been more specific. When I pulled out my digital camera at the exhibit, I was immediately informed that pictures were not permitted of the Stankiewicz exhibit. So you see, Murphy's Law was hard at work already.I attempted to research Richard Stankiewicz, but was unable to find any significant biographical information other than the facts of his birth and death, 1922 - 1983, and that he was born in Philadelphia. However, the McNay museum provided a pamphlet with some personal information, as well as some details regarding his sculptures. It was an interesting exhibit; I took a printout of the criteria to define art and was able to associate several points with the display. I wanted to ensure that it met our criteria to be considered art, and it gave me an opportunity to experiment with the checklist against an exhibit that had been deemed as art.The exhibit was displayed in four adjoining rooms, some sculptures were on pedestals and others were on bases on the floor because they were so large. As I entered the first room my initial thought was, "What is it?" But then an awareness came over me, I was able to distinguish features from the sculptures and from there...

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