Juno And Paycock As A Realistic Play Class Essay

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Realism In The Play
Juno and paycock as a Realistic play
Realism teaches that what we do with the world in our minds always has a purpose--it is either to have more respect or more contempt for it; and that this purpose does something to us. Sean O’ Casey has absolutely a practical purpose to show clear picture to Irish people about their actions and their misleading idealism. Realism adds something of yourself to the fact you are dealing with, or changes a fact you are dealing with, because of what you are, or what you are at that time And the way you can change a fact may be useful or it may be harmful." Result will be come according to the actions and intentions. Irish nation as whole and Boyle family particularly defines the circumstances and grim conditions and the responses of Irish people towards these war situations.
It is urgent to study the difference between changing the facts in a way that is useful--even beautiful, as it is in art--and doing it in a way that is harmful, on the side of ugliness, cruelty, and even mental illness. This was only thing that hints and drives O’ Casey to come in action and show people their true picture that in which direction they are going and in what direction they should embrace.
The last act of Juno and the Paycock of 1925, by the Irish playwright Sean O'Casey.  And he was true to that purpose!  He used this play to show how O'Casey's imagination made for art, and to show, through this representative family of Ireland, how imagination works in our everyday thoughts. Mere Imagination and empty idealism throws the Irish comrades in the corner. People were in the want of freedom but were not ready to take any serious steps. In fact, they were avoiding day to day problems of life like poverty was a serious concern for them. The whole family except Juno is not working and earning money to run the family expenditures.
The Central character of this play is Captain Boyle, called the "Paycock", or peacock, for his strutting ways, who says he is unable to work because of "pains in my legs." His buddy is a neighbor, Joxer Daley, and together they have interesting chats about the state of the world—much to the irritation of Captain Boyle’s wife, Juno, who feels Joxer is a bad influence on her husband. They talk about different issues of the world but remain unaware about their conditions. They never take anything serious throughout the play but doing the non sense things...

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