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Junot Diaz's The Brief And Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

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Love and Violence
The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by Junot Diaz covers the issue of Love and Violence thoroughly throughout the book, and shows how anger and love influence the impulsive and reckless decisions the characters made. Searching for Zion, by Emily Raboteau on the other hand shows that love comes in different forms and may be easily misunderstood. Abelard, Belicia, Lola, and Emily show love can be a devastating force if not handled carefully and, could be very dangerous. As others commonly have, Oscar confuses passion or lust with love, which in many ways can be critical when conveyed in violence. Similarly, Emily doesn’t fully understand the love that she shares with her father and it leads her to dangerous encounters.
In the Cabral and de Leon families, violent love is the only love they know. Abelard who was an extremely intelligent man wasn’t smart enough to avoid the tragedy which is love and violence. Beginning with Abelard and ending with Oscar the only love the family could relate to was one that included violence. In Abelard’s case, he was protecting his daughters out of the love he had for them. Trujillo was fixed on having his way with Abelard’s eldest daughter, Jacquelyn. But Abelard went through great lengths to avoid Trujillo and the curse with him as well. This is where the curse first crosses paths with the Cabral and de Leon families. The curse takes the lives of everyone in the Cabral family except for young Belicia. Abelard’s love for his daughter leads him and his family to tragic and violent deaths which can only be credited to the fact that the fuku curse goes wherever love is.
In Oscar’s voyage in search of passionate love, he continually falls under the deadly, friend zone or as it’s used in the book, “Let’s-Be-Friend Vortexes”, which in fact led him to acting violently toward others, and himself (41). While “dating” his first love, Ana, Oscar encounters love’s violence for the first time. Ana, has a boyfriend named Manny who is known to “smack her…kick her…call her a fat twat” (45). Oscar, being deeply and recklessly in love with Ana, takes his uncle’s pistol and considers killing Manny. In Oscar’s second love, Jenni, the violent behavior that comes with love or lust is exposed again. Jenni is a Goth girl who just thinks of Oscar as a friend. Oscar later discovers Jenni having sex with some guy and goes out of control. Oscar then “calls her a whore and attacked her walls, tearing down her posters and throwing her books everywhere” (187). This was Oscar’s second encounter with violence and his sort of love which was clearly not mutual. Blindly would be an exceptional word to describe the way Oscar fell in love. He would do things without considering consequences, but the worst is yet to come. The final love Oscar would have would eventually drive him to the grave and blindly is the way he loved Ybon from day one until the days were no more. Ybon was a semi-retired whore who was in a relationship with...

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