"Jurassic Park". Comparison Of The Book (Crichton) And The Movie (Spielberg)

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Michael Crichton, a master of suspense, has created a novel for your imagination. This bookinvolves prehistoric animals and plants from the Jurassic era. Steven Spielberg took on this book, asa movie project to add to his collection of visually mastered Science-Fiction motion pictures. Both themovie and the book have captured the imagination of people around the world. In this paper, it willshow the similarities and differences for the first third of these two superb creations.One of the similarities of both the movie and the book is the construction accident. Themovie and the book's opening scenes show some Jurassic Park workers loading a dinosaur into amaximum security cage. The dinosaur grabbed a hold of one of the workers causing chaosthroughout the worksite. The construction worker was drawn in by the dinosaur and never returned.After this "construction accident," the worker's family was suing Jurassic Park for a sizable sum ofmoney. The family sent out a lawyer to the island to see if the park is safe, and if its the cause fortheir relative's death.The book tells stories that the movie doesn't show. One of those is about a little girl. Thelittle girl is vacationing with her parents when she goes off by herself exploring. She was looking foranimals for her class, when she stumbles upon a lizard. She starts to get closer, when the lizardattacks her. The little girl starts to scream and cry until her parents come running to get her. At thesight of the adults, the lizard ran off. The girl's parents rush her to the nearest hospital. There, she istreated for serious scratches and incisions to her body. Later on, she tried to describe what the lizardlooked like, but no one believed her because the description sounded nothing like any known speciesof lizards. She drew a picture of...

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