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This assignment will deal with jurisdiction of consumer protection in the European Union. For the simplicity, the assignment will be divided in few paragraphs that will explain what consumer protection is, what is consumer protection in the European Union, which jurisdiction rules and governs consumer protection issues in EU and national laws of the two Member States, for the comparison – Republic of Croatia and United Kingdom.
Consumer is a person who purchases goods and services. Nowadays economical society is dealing with all kinds of social interactions, issues and relations, there are many laws and organizations that are governing consumer protection, which are established in order to ensure rights of consumers in fair-trade and obtaining correct information for them. Main goal of these organizations and law is to prevent any kind of fraud of unlawful acts regarding consumers. One of the fundamental values of the European Union is promoting consumer’s rights. Entering into membership of the European Union automatically ensures laws of protection for consumers. The body dealing with consumer protection in European Parliament is called Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee.
Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee
In the European Union, legislation guarantees that every citizen of EU has right to be treated fairly at buying or paying. It is specifically mentioned in the Charter of Fundamental Rights, Article 38 – Consumer protection, which states that “Union policies shall ensure a high level of consumer protection.”
European legislation guarantees fair treatment, products that are of acceptable standards and right of repay if products are not right. As mentioned, Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee is committee of the European Parliament that is taking care of these requirements. Responsibilities of Committee are :
1. Coordination at Community level of national legislation in the sphere of the internal market and for the customs union, in particular:
a) the free movement of goods including the harmonization of technical standards,
b) the right of establishment,
c) the freedom to provide services except in the financial and postal sectors;
2. Measures aiming at the identification and removal of potential obstacles to the functioning of the internal market;
3. The promotion and protection of the economic interests of consumers, except for public health and food safety issues, in the context of the establishment of the internal market.
However, to understand how these committees were founded, it is necessary to understand that European standards are voluntarily (but binding after acceptance) and that they make criteria for manufactured products, which are ensuring that products are safe, compatible and have purpose. Those European standards, used by European Committee for Internal Market and Consumer Protection are developed by three European organizations :

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