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Medea's lived Colchis, which is an island in the Black Sea, and the Greeks considered it as the "edge of the earth" and a "territory of barbarians". Medea is a sorceress and also a princess, she used her powers to help Jason secure the Golden Fleece, she then ended up falling in love with him, and left with Jason to live in Lolcus. Medea was a loyal wife and her and Jason have two children together. Jason betrays Medea and marry's another woman who is daughter of Creon, the King of Corinth. Jason's weak rationalizations of his actions for what he did to Medea make him a weak and unsympathetic character.
In the tiral of Medea versus Jason I found Medea to be innocent. Though she did kill four people, she believed it was justified and only did it out of anger for jasons wrong doing. Medeas actions were justified and she kill those four people because Jason needed to suffer for his actions. Medea did whatever it took to make Jason suffer for what he put her through.
Medea was wronged by Jason, she was a loyal wife and mother who was betrayed by her husband and reacted in a way she thought would make Jason suffer most. She wanted Jason to suffer for betraying her and marrying another woman, so she killed their children because she knew it would hurt him most and it would protect them from being killed by someone else and having them suffer. If giving the option to kill your own children or have some stranger kill them, she chose what she believed would make them suffer the least and protect them.
In the trial, the prosecutors had good arguments about how murder is wrong and illegal, but in the time the play was written, murder was wrong, yes, but marrying another woman is the ultimate betrayal for a woman in that time. Of all the witness that were called, I think Euripideas was the one that most influenced my verdict. He impacted the jury's decision as well as mine because he admited to being a woman hater. In all the other versions of Medea, someone else kills their children, but in the...

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