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Only A Few Ingredients Essay

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Have you ever flipped through channels on your television, and witness the many millionaires telling their success stories? Have you ever wondered “why can’t I be that successful”? Well what is Success, what is this vague noun that represents achievements? Does Success display wealth, possessions, or positions? According to, Success is defined as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempt or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goal. Now we may never be President, or Drake, but with Persistence, Discipline, and a little luck we can all be successful.
One major quality that correlates with success is persistence. Persistence is a quality many lack. There are times where one expierence tribulations in working towards goals, but instead of one persisting, their hopelessness comes into play, and one gives up. Persistence allows one to dust off failure and keep pursuing their goal. One thing a lot of successful entrepreneurs include in their interviews is how bad they desired it. Where people would be willing to give up their whole lives, all their money and put everything into their dreams. To give a solid description, Persistence is defined as; to continue steadfastly or firmly in some state, purpose, course of action, or the like especially in spite of opposition. Unless you’re the luckiest man alive, you will experience opposition in your life at one point or another. Oppositions can be compared to road blocks. When you reach a road block in your life, you don’t stare at it, and turn back around; what you will do is find another way around it, and keep going. As long as one has persistence, one has the most desirable quality in success.
Once one has persistence in their bin of qualities, discipline is the next characteristic for success. Discipline is the characteristic that rendezvous with persistence. Discipline is defined as: training to act in accordance with rules. With discipline one must create their own rules for success. Not only will one decipher their rules, but one must have the restraint to follow them consistently. With having self-discipline, it shows the passion one must have towards ones...

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